6 new high-tech enterprises eligible for support zone

Updated: May 23, 2016  Views: 294

May 23, Leping Constant clean bathroom, Australian and US high-tech, mechanical Rakhine State, Hualian silicone, Taishan machinery, Haier freezer 6, 2015 for the first time by high-tech enterprises each receive 100,000 yuan to support one-time gold zone, the region accounted for 30% of the number of high-tech enterprises increased to 31.

Leping attaches great importance to innovation, through the purchase of services, training, strengthen guidance echelon training, one to one service and other means, has improved significantly in the high-tech companies to declare the quantity and quality of the next phase, it will increase to Leping re identified (reviewed thoroughly investigate high-tech enterprises, consolidate and save the amount of storage foster good science and technology enterprises, speed up technological business incubators, foster the development of grasping the incremental increase high-tech enterprises and the introduction of innovative talents team, foster the development of high-tech enterprises earnestly work (town commissioned Wang Xin

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Traditional Chinese: 新增6高新技術企業獲區扶持

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