Kaiz "zero non-conformity" by the US FDA inspection

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Yesterday, from Ninghai Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, food lasted three days, the county Kaiz Ltd. 'zero non-conformities' passed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) official examination to become the first city of Ningbo in 2016 by FDA inspections of food export enterprises.

It is understood that, FDA has been recognized as the world's largest and most rigorous management of food, cosmetics and drug regulatory authorities, organized every year for food exports to the US enterprises to implement checks. When the FDA inspection problems more business, the company will be included in the 'blacklist', when food exports to the US ports will be automatically detained in the future, can not enter the US market. Therefore, the ability passed the US FDA inspection directly affect the ability to export products into the US market.

Ninghai Ka according to the Food Co., Ltd. is a professional deep fruit and vegetable food processing enterprises, the main products for Japan, Europe and other high-end market. Statistics show that exports Kaiz nearly $ 10 million last year, which accounted for US market aspects three percent of total exports. the scope of this review include official business of food safety management, production processes, health management, equipment and facilities, SID key factor to monitor, BPCS training situation, food protection, counter-terrorism and related registration records. the won the 'Green card', Kaiz products exported to the US will be more convenient smooth, and further enhance the international competitiveness, but also accumulated valuable experience for future exports to the US Ninghai other food companies welcome inspection work. (Reporter correspondent Xu Huanhuan Fan Dongbo)

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Traditional Chinese: 卡依之“零不符合項”通過美國FDA檢查

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