VR imaging apparatus Wars intense: Google, Facebook, Nokia Qi war

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From $ 15 Cardboard paper glasses, to $ 3,000 Infinitus Prime tVR Wide LCD VR head was, consumers have access to the VR device basically only the first was, consumers concept VR VR head was almost equal. but for manufacturers, competition in the field of war VR has scratch was spread to the imaging device.

In the Google I / O Developer Conference on May 20, Google released a YI JUMP VR cameras and small ants scientific and technological cooperation, while Google will be able to look around found a congregation opponents already eyeing major manufacturers VR imaging World war II officially launched the device off.

1, Google YI JUMP VR camera

In Google 2016 I / O developer conference, Google announced a new cooperation with the VR camera small ants SCIENCE --YI JUMP. The camera with a small ant 4K professional sports cameras as the core component for professional film director and video producers, but the specific parameters YI JUMP, selling price, sale date, sale quantity under wraps.

2, Google GoPro Odyssey VR camera

In YI JUMP announced a week ago, Google a year ago, the I / O Developers Conference announced GoPro Odyssey VR camera finally shipped. This means that in a few months delay, the first order of VR content companies spend this can automatically synchronize the capture and editing three-dimensional 360-degree video camera VR.

The shape of Hakka Earthen Odyssey consists of 16 cameras, a microphone and a set of processors, taken out of the VR video has the equivalent of five 4K resolution of the display, while Odyssey also access to Google's servers, Google can the server automatically handles editing VR fragment, and generates charts of some producers need automated, highly simplified production process.

Odyssey announced and shipped YI JUMP are displayed in Google pace VR imaging equipment market began to accelerate, which obviously is a public eyeing yet quite powerful opponents forced out.

3, Jaunt ONE VR camera

The first is a professional Virtual Reality Studios Jaunt, which in August last year on the sale of a professional camera Jaunt ONE.Jaunt For VR shooting light complex features for Jaunt ONE create a custom optical lens, changing light environments the recording quality can guarantee. in addition jaunt ONE also has a high dynamic range (HDR imaging, as well as a global shutter sensor array synchronization.

(Figure from: thefulldomeblog

4, Lytro Immerge VR camera

Google is another professional camera R & D background opponents Lytro camera technology company .2012 years the company to support the 'first camera focus' light field (Light Field technology is known. November Lytro launch Lytro Immerge VR imaging devices use a similar technique, so that the operator can adjust the viewing angle of self-regulation, any time to adjust from 360 degrees to 180 degrees or 270 degrees, so shoot more freely and diverse way.

(Figure from: nofilmschool

5, Nokia OZO panoramic camera

In addition to professional video technology company, Nokia is also eager to announce a 360-degree panoramic camera OZO.OZO configured with eight 2K x 2K photosensitive member in December last year, built-in 500 GB hard disk, can be stored 45 minutes long video .Nokia OZO called the most advanced VR production platform, the selling point is support VR video live.

(Figure from: techinsider

6, Bublcam, Sphericam 2, etc.

In addition, some startups are targeting this market. In order to distinguish high-end expensive equipment and other manufacturers of Google open, Bubl company Bublcam VR camera and Sphericam companies Sphericam 2 VR camera so walking small size, easy operation and compatibility the route has the potential to become consumer products.

(Figure from: ilikemag

7, Facebook 360-degree camera

Even Facebook earlier this year in April, also said the upcoming build its own 360-degree camera, but do not intend to wit Zuckerberg Rulangsihu with these vendors head-on. He plans to publish a blueprint for the camera hardware from vendors with into the blueprint to build their own version.

(Figure from: smartmania

There have been in the hands of sophisticated equipment submitted content production company, VR image pickup apparatus competition began heating up, Google's advantage is not obvious from the Odyssey to YI JUMP, Google expects an urgent control VR imaging equipment market products appear.

Figure question from: theverge

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