SAP B1 Plus: growth companies how to seize the market opportunities

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First, the living conditions of growth companies

In the modern era, entrepreneurship and innovation is no longer the monopoly of a few, but most people opportunities. Since 2014, the Prime Minister Li Keqiang called for 'public entrepreneurship and innovation', the central and local governments have announced support for entrepreneurship good policy, various industries, especially the emergence of a large number of Internet industry 'a guest' .2014 year 2015, various types of start-up enterprises mushroomed after another, in the Wangjing SOHO Internet's most popular passenger record office gathered a hundreds of enterprises.

But into 2016, although the emergence of a steady stream of new businesses, but many of them did not survive long-term, after Ebb Tide success of the company is not too much. Around these successful companies, we find that they are It is in the early days they mastered the industry characteristics and suited to their business model, and to carry out its business. in addition, prompt access to these businesses at the same time, the success of growth companies also has standardized advanced management awareness, and some even set up early on the deployment of a mature enterprise information management solutions, rather than chaos in the management of groping forward.

Second, the two traditional ERP insurmountable obstacle

We know that advanced digital information management can bring optimal management and related additional benefits for enterprises - which has become the business community generally accepted truth, however, is small growth companies in the end there is no need to deploy software to assist the lead management? this is a question worth exploring. dissenting business owners usually have concerns about the traditional ERP insurmountable obstacles.

The first major obstacle is the high purchase cost of the software and operation and maintenance costs of traditional ERP software market prices ranging from nearly one hundred thousand to hundreds of thousands, IT infrastructure requirements with respect to the respective companies are also some large companies in addition to pay external software costs, but also the burden of the cost of iT equipment and operation and maintenance personnel. this is clearly inappropriate, perhaps less than their initial staff of 20 people for those small record passenger who, apparently can not afford this burden is not necessary cost and effort.

The second obstacle is the traditional ERP implementation cycle lengthy and complex deployments. While general ERP easily more than half of the implementation period is too long for the enterprise, even if it is relatively simple architecture, specifically the traditional ERP for small and medium enterprises, its period Usually also more than two months after the deployment is completed, employees have to undergo a long period of business training and hands-on training to make the management system up and running. this is the beginning of the pursuit of fast track growth, it is obviously not, have time to bring most of the cost will be prohibitive growth companies.

For the above analysis, we find it difficult to obtain a large number of traditional ERP software growth companies favored causes. Companies need to conduct business in the shortest time fast and quickly gain market feedback. While an ERP software can bring more kinds of benefits, but in the energy and limited funds, management and staff as more difficult in this respect.

Third, the actual needs of growing businesses of ERP

Because the software is difficult to bring quick benefits, it is not necessary to growing businesses deploy the ERP software? The answer is no, for real needs of enterprises, they should choose a suitable price, rapid deployment of ERP software in the Internet and the rise of cloud computing era of the birth of cloud ERP, is able to fully fit their needs. ERP cloud deployment for growing businesses, relatively inexpensive, cloud deployment also allows enterprise iT simple.

For growing businesses, as valuable time and money, companies need to be selected carefully, and make sure the line after ERP can quickly earn money. Throughout the current market, although cloud ERP selection is very rich, but specifically for growth enterprise cloud ERP rarely, SAP B1 Plus as a minority mature cloud ERP, can well meet the needs of growing businesses.

SAP B1 Plus-- meet all the needs of growing businesses

SAP B1 Plus developer Beijing Aowei Ao Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading global provider of enterprise software, SAP Gold Partner in the Asia-Pacific region, China is also the most rapid growth of cloud computing solutions operators. Ao Weiao served 24 industries more than 1,000 customers, of which over 80% is the industry leader in customer segments, so Ao Weiao in various industries have experienced .B1 Plus software is SAP Cloud --SAP business One software for SME's version, with mature extensive experience in industrial applications. Thus B1 Plus provides industry template for many companies, can help companies quickly grasp the information industry and needs to quickly get business.

Ao Weiao in market research needs of growing businesses to have full knowledge, rapidly deploy business needs for the enterprise, B1 Plus except through cloud deployments to lower their IT costs, its implementation method is more convenient : companies can implement to reduce cycle time and cost of implementation through self-deploying, long-term assistance included corporate learning center staff instructions.

Ao Weiao cloud ERP release

May 2016, a new generation of cloud ERP - SAP B1 Plus upcoming, debut as Ao Weiao worldwide, SAP and AWS three joint layout commercial cloud network to help growing businesses achieve cloud transformation of competitive products, SAP B1. Plus has a comprehensive business support mature, stable high-tech and infinitely scalable cloud platform industry scheme, it is bound to lead to a major change in growth companies in the field of publishing at the same time B1 Plus partner recruitment (recruitment hotline: 4008 -908-880 work has been in full swing, invite partners to join together to build business cloud strategy avenues of cooperation, to achieve customer - partners - channel win-win situation. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

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