Comments: taxi software prospects are bright?

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Comments: taxi software prospects are bright?

May 16, 2016, Apple CEO Tim Cook, president Liu Qing and travel with Didi Didi trip taxi to Wangfujing Apple retail stores. Previously, Apple Didi travel to invest $ 1 billion.

New technology has brought changes in the industry, but also changed the face of the taxi industry. Like the world's largest mobile travel platform Uber (Uber, a taxi drops travel this software to the traditional rental companies (which are in possession of the taxi business license and equipped meter tremendous impact.

London taxi driver was required for employment through the 'London knowledge test' is known, they know how best to route passengers to their destinations and, of course, London's famous 'black cabs' (Black Cab prices are very expensive, but also very spacious, reliable and can fully meet the needs of passengers. also famous is the 'medallion' New York's yellow cabs, drivers need to (ie the road license to carry passengers. Although these gold business license of a significant drop, but its resale fee once high. Although the monopoly under the old system resulted in high cost, however, the emergence of car rental software and services will break such monopolies.

Many people think this is a good thing. As we all know, before the rain hit the car very difficult, but also in China's big cities, some taxi drivers do not want out of the bus during rush hour because of traffic congestion will affect revenue. More part of the rent will be in the parking Thereafter, the destination inappropriate grounds rejection, or late at night to ask for double the fare.

Regular rent often has its limitations, such as airport pick-up service appointments rental company can not legally pick up passengers on the street. And now, a taxi software can search hundreds of active users around the taxi and find the short distance and was willing to take single empty (can adjust prices during peak periods, market regulation play a role, not to mention convenient payment methods, such as Apple pay, Alipay, micro-channel linked with the bank account to pay such payment the increasing popularity of these factors the combined effects of reflected, in March this year, Japan announced that drops travel orders in the domestic market exceeded 10 million times.

So, does this mean that taxi software outlook is bright it? Apple announced to invest $ 1 billion pieces of travel, for the purposes of this taxi platform it is good news, despite the rapid growth of the business has not yet enable the company to profitability. Apple is eager to develop in China Apple Pay, to encourage users to use Apple Pay drops is a wise way to promote in addition, Apple has started its own driverless car project, and perhaps the future will travel in this area developed by the drops technology to match.

However, only time will tell. Uber achieved profitability in most countries, but in the Chinese market, but with continued losses as travel drops.

Finally, for the beginning of the city arrived tourists think they should be the most in need of a taxi crowd. Taxi software has not brought substantial help for this group? If the short-term traveler in China do not have a taxi software? If you do not support online local bank card payment? And if holding a Chinese address written on the list, but can not locate it using a mobile phone software?

For some tourists, it seems more and more lit 'empty' light from the rental side and galloped off, only to accept the software taxi booking orders. This mechanism has yet to achieve a win-win, is now part of the city prohibit the use of a taxi software during peak hours.

Obviously, you want to play the role of long-term car software is still long way to go. We'll see.

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