eSIM Technology and Innovation Summit will be held in Beijing

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ICT never stop technological innovation, technological evolution industry innovation spawned by technological progress eSIM industry innovation and change is coming. GSMA early release eSIM card remote configuration specification, latest McKinsey report notes eSIM value in eight years will grow by nearly 100 % .eSIM overnight return industry vision, triggering massive attention and discussion.

eSIM innovative technology applications enable operators to provide better services and business, but the carrier user retention, business and revenue challenges, more or reconstructed operator-led industry ecosystem, eSIM as a connected user link, is carrying mobile network portal and business innovation platform, eSIM technological advances will bring mobile phone manufacturers, operators new virtual market space, at the same time, eSIM will pry animals networking, car networking, wearable devices, intelligent home huge emerging market for the industry to bring innovative ideas and technology .eSIM as a general trend, competition is bound to carrier industry, to subvert the current status of the industry.

Although prospects, but can not be ignored, there are still current eSIM development of technical standards, industrial ecology, challenge trade barriers, market process eSIM still needs the joint efforts of all sectors of industry in order to better promote innovative technology exchanges and cooperation, promote industrial development, the world of communications, information and communication initiatives in science and technology organized by China Telecom, China mobile, China Unicom support '2016eSIM technology and innovation Summit' will be kicked off July 6 in Beijing. summit of 'breaking and layout' for the theme, eSIM technological development and innovation as the main line, brought together operators, industry bodies, many domestic and foreign smart cards, virtual operators, smart terminal, networking, car networking, wearable many senior representatives of equipment, chips, for eSIM innovation opportunities and challenges brought about by the development of in-depth discussion and sharing, a comprehensive analysis of eSIM industry challenges and future prospective, explore eSIM from technology to industrial ecology major change.

eSIM technology arrives, how operators will respond?

eSIM how to pry animals networking applications market?

Authorities who hesitated, innovators layout, eSIM how the market collapsed?

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Traditional Chinese: eSIM技術與創新峰會將在京召開

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