Eat Zhaifan playing the "health boxing" "Dogen Holy Land" Kongtong push "Health Tour"

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[Commentary] Pingliang push health experience trips, vacation mode simulation 2.5 days, the participants in the two and a half years, not only aspirations 'Dogen Holy Land' Kongtong can also practice martial arts school Kongtong 'health punches 'enjoy Taoist Zhaifan after downhill, you can also experience the acupuncture therapy and other health services.

Recently, the country more than 50 representatives invited to the traveling salesman 'asked Kongtong into the Pingliang' health tour experience, do not feel the same as 'health' tourism.

[Year] Lanzhou a travel agent Suzi Li

I did not come before joking, I said, what is health food, but it was called vegetarian, now combined with health, actually increases the number of elements of health.

[Commentary] Kongtong travel health overall responsibility Pei Jian Hung, depending on consumer demand, design some mild health travel experience and depth of health experience tour products.

[Year] a travel agent Gansu Pei Jian-hong

We Conventional tourism products, inserted some elements of experience, for example, to play ball like today, then we make these visitors come in the future, the presence on the ground to experience meditation, to experience some of the basic essentials of Taoist things.

[Commentary] Pingliang City Vice Mayor Li Sheng, the 'Pingliang health' covers Kongtong channel source, a large cloud Temple meditation, acupuncture and other Mi profound cultural heritage. In recent years, to explore the local integration advantages, to create the concept, food, sports, MEDICA, spa, summer, and other six 'health card', the ultimate goal is to build China Kongtong to health.

Vice Mayor [year] Pingliang City, Lee Sheng

Has built 45 TCM Museum, some of our health institutions in the sub-health treatment in the treatment of chronic diseases, has made a major breakthrough, we are fully equipped to provide health services for chronic health groups and such a technical crowd conditions. now we have formed a team of health, has not only benefited the local area, while it, it is more suitable for the metropolitan population to improve his health.

[Commentary] Kongtongshan because Huangdi asked in wide as the child and known as the source of the Holy Road. Kongtong martial arts is Shaolin, Wudang, Emei, Kunlun and other well-known Chinese martial arts schools. Pingliang has become WFAS Acupuncture Bai Zuji, the national medicine culture education base, sub-base and conditioning cancer recuperation base, also hosted the sixth World health Assembly.

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Traditional Chinese: 吃齋飯 打"養生拳" "道源聖地"崆峒山推"養生遊"

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