37 A large share of chips changing hands 2 shares changed hands half chips

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Securities Times and stock market data from new media 'data treasure' statistics, as (May 23 closing stock index reported 2843.65 points, up 18.16 points, or 0.64%, Shenzhen Component Index reported 9918.16 points, up 101.41 points, or 1.03% GEM index reported 2098.23 points, up 32.93 points, or 1.59%. stocks, today, 37 a-share turnover of more than 20%, of which, in the new technology (603,996, stock it), O Ka environmental protection and other two stocks turnover amounted to more than half, half chips easy to master. (data Bao

May 23 turnover between the two cities among the top stocks at a glance

Securities Code Securities referred to Closing price (yuan



Quote change


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Traditional Chinese: 37只A股籌碼大換手 2股半數籌碼易主

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