Zibo City in Integrative Medicine Hospital of the implementation of joint surgery than patients free

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Zibo Dazhong May 23 (Reporter First Zhao Wei) Recently, the city of Zibo Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital to carry out 'joint donation, walkers life' large-scale charity activities currently orthopedic hospital has been more than qualified for patients free artificial knee joint replacement surgery.

Grandma Lee patients this year more than seventy years old, 10 years ago when the knee pain, but not for economic reasons has been dragging formal treatment. Appeared six years ago to turn a double knee flexion, knees to the hospital for diagnosis severe osteoarthritis, the symptoms gradually worsened significantly affect activity. four years ago, the hospital suggested that she knees namely surface arthroplasty, is not implemented for economic reasons, only intermittently plaster topical, oral pain medication. Six months ago, the need to double Shui walk, walk about 100 meters double knee pain need rest. after that, Zibo City, Integrative Medicine hospital orthopedic joint surgery carried out donation activity, and was admitted by a doctor for the implementation of the knees Caoxue Wei surface arthroplasty. after treatment, knee patient can reach normal, and gradually be able to walk normally.

Since Zibo City Hospital Integrative Medicine start 'donation joints, walkers life' a large public event, there has been nine patients were successfully implemented donor artificial joint replacement surgery including 3 cases of total hip replacement six cases of total knee resurfacing. cover avascular necrosis, acetabular dysplasia, hip ankylosing spondylitis disease caused by osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, knee joint degeneration caused by osteoarthritis, knee a variety of joint deformity joint disease after the currently accepted joint donation, artificial joint replacement surgery, 9 patients were very successful surgery, postoperative joint function all improved surgical techniques have now realized surgery three days will be able to get out of bed to walk exercise, before the seven patients recovered well, both in the first seven days after discharge.

According to the city of Zibo Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, deputy director of orthopedic physician Dr. Caoxue Wei introduced, there are a lot of elderly patients, or light or heavy hip and knee disorders, the light only on the stairs and weight-bearing joint pain, severe cases can go flat road will be severe pain, walking becomes a burden, and finally to suffering from pain do not even want to walk. early in the disease, not all hip and knee joint diseases require surgery. after examination of bone and joint surgeon to observe binding film articular lesions, the doctor will guide the mild cases correctly exercise the muscles around the joint to improve the stability of the joint, with the plaster, oral pain medication, heat, baking power, intra-articular injection of drugs and other conservative treatment methods for pain relief improve joint function, so that their joint multi-service for several years. only when conservative treatment fails, check to make sure through joint damage really has to do not change when it is not considered by the artificial hip and knee replacement surgery to relieve joint pain and function barriers, improve the quality of life of patients.

Zibo City in Integrative Medicine Hospital 'donation joints, walkers life' a large public event, by the need for surgery, hip and knee joint diseases provide prosthesis borne by the hospital artificial knee, hip prosthesis bills, finance 50 patients, currently activities ongoing.

A suitable disease

1, the knee: severe osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, traumatic arthritis / Mandatory spondylitis disease involving the knee, patients need total knee arthroplasty surgery (TKR) is.

2, hip: avascular necrosis, severe osteoarthritis, traumatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, hip dysplasia, mandatory spondylitis disease involving the hip joint, total hip artificial needs joint replacement surgery (THR) patients.

Second, the relief object and details

The hospital confirmed the need to implement a full knee surgery in patients with total hip arthroplasty, especially poor patients can apply for charitable donations. To accept the need for artificial joint replacement in patients with bone and joint diseases borne by the hospital total hip, total knee prosthesis costs, other treatment costs include hospitalization, surgery fees, inspection fees, medicines and other costs, in addition to the new rural cooperative medical insurance or reimbursement, patient self-conceited part of the need to pay.

Third, the application process

1, patients need to go to the city of Zibo Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital orthopedic clinic (Fri-day) treatment, through the relevant inspection, experts assess the indications for surgery and treatment programs, to comply with the hip and knee replacement surgery surgical treatment is really necessary to testify .

2, patients carry an ID card, Medicare card to Zibo City Hospital Integrative Medicine fill << Zibo City Hospital Integrative Medicine charitable donations joint application form >>.

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