Haier unveiled Ubot smart home industry conference, AI will change lives

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May 20, 'Changing one hundred million people's lives,' 2016 China Mobile Guangdong wisdom Home Industry Cooperation Conference was held in Guangzhou. The General Assembly covering cloud platforms, technologies, products and other smart home industry-related companies, including Baidu, Tencent Taobao as the representative of Internet companies, led by Haier intelligent home brand, Huawei, Samsung and other mobile phone manufacturers, Youku Tudou, music, as other content providers and large channel providers, etc. aimed at multilateral collaboration together to create the perfect 'Internet +' wisdom family ecology, a new starting point, high-quality user experience, changing Guangdong Province one hundred million mobile users Internet life for the depth of the use of artificial intelligence Pathfinder offers Guangdong template, promote the great development of smart home industry.

Haier unveiled Ubot smart home industry conference, AI will change lives

'Internet +' next wave of smart home industry a huge space, China's smart home industry market size is expected to reach one hundred billion yuan level in 2018. With the rapid adoption of smart home concept, many consumers are interested in them, but poor user experience has become an obstacle to the user to select a core factor for this phenomenon, Haier devaluation U + intellectual life of the brain, the first to lead the smart home industry into the era of artificial intelligence, Haier, and represents the direction of industry trends.

Reelected for seven consecutive years, 'China's top ten brands intelligent home' Haier, different stages of development in the smart home are representative works. As the first force in the field of intelligent home business, Haier launched the world's first fully open, the whole personality , the wisdom of life platform full interaction - Haier U + platform, released seven intelligence ecosystem, launched smart life entrance - excellent home APP to accelerate smart home floor, Haier U + in March this year, re-launched U + intellectual life 2.0 strategy publish U + intellectual life of the brain, and to introduce different user interaction entrance Haier Ubot, excellent home APP2.0 etc. .U + wisdom of life deep brain use of artificial intelligence technology, artificial intelligence, intelligent home into the new era of intelligent hardware of the Congress the exhibition, exhibitors products Haier Haier Ubot robotics, artificial intelligence in the field of intelligent home as an important application of the results, to attract the attention of the participants.

'Haier Ubot, sing a song,' 'Haier Ubot, how the weather like today?', 'Haier Ubot, talk to you.' Scene, Haier Ubot became a busy man, witty answer sparked waves of praise. Haier Ubot intelligent robots, is a new fusion of internet home means big data and intelligence service upgrades. relying U + intellectual life of the brain, Haier Ubot by human-computer natural interaction, collect and store data, independent analytical thinking, proactive offer the wisdom of life services various functions.

Haier unveiled Ubot smart home industry conference, AI will change lives

Haier Ubot owned U + wisdom of life make it a smart brain housekeeper, home security guards, accompanying family life assistants and other multiple identities, fully meet user expectations of family life wisdom Haier Ubot set a variety of 'sensor system' as a whole, with artificial intelligence, with 'listening, speaking, smelling, knowledge, action' and other functions, to better perceive and understand the needs of users, providing accurate, correct service. Haier Ubot debut in this smart home industry conference, demonstrating artificial smart unique charm, showing the Haier smart home leading level, for the development of the industry to provide a product demonstration.

Today, the momentum of rapid technological development, home networking has become a cutting-edge technology, smart home, as well as the functional limitations in the current level of development, intelligent home appliances networking you want to quickly push forward rely on artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence become only thing network data processing server, things become terminal services, network transmission things become a way to allow users to use intelligent networking appliances, when the quality of life there is a substantial increase, the industry analysis of the case.

From smart appliances to the full range of smart home solutions, and then open the ecological wisdom of life, as well as intelligent home appliances Haier Ubot become housekeeper, intellectual life organizer, Haier has been leading the development of the industry. In March this year, Haier U + wisdom of life 2.0 strategy conference , the director of GSR Ventures Ding said: Haier Ubot broke the emergence of the mobile phone industry as a smart home entrance bottleneck in artificial intelligence applications in smart home, intelligent home Haier successful conduct of the practice, the development of smart home industry. the introduction of a new era, provides a reference model for the smart home industry application of artificial intelligence, superior user experience for the smart home industry opened up a broad space.

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Traditional Chinese: 海爾Ubot亮相智慧家庭產業大會,人工智能將改變生活

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