Grasp the core of economic growth in the era of big data, cloud winning future green zebra traffic

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Under the Internet wave, maintain economic integration and sharing of resources, high-speed operation can not be separated, data collection and processing of information. In the 'Internet + new energy vehicles' as the core development model zebra run, is committed to building intelligent traffic green environmental protection and intelligent dual demands spur zebra gallop on the road of development of green traffic cause unremitting exploration, innovation and change.

Big Data is the new direction of economic growth, data applications become a bottleneck in the development

Information explosion generated vast amounts of data, so that in recent years the term 'big data' continues to heat up. As McKinsey says, 'data, has penetrated into every area of today's industries and business functions, it has become an important factor of production. People for massive data mining and use, heralding a new wave of productivity growth and consumer surplus wave. 'today's society has entered a stronger decision-making power, insight and process optimization capabilities found forces need to rely on data as the era of big data support.

Application of large data, people's subjective determination has been greatly weakened, objective data become a powerful basis for decision-making on the one hand the main demand of the raw data of how to meet, on the other hand how huge data information in order to be effectively utilized, two the real problem becomes acute fetters big data applications. as a new energy vehicles as the carrier of Internet companies, data is crucial for zebra gallop. Similarly, in big data applied to the actual operation of enterprises among the original data acquisition and processing resources become the biggest bottleneck.

Cloud-based, zebra cloud platform for data applications, services, zebra gallop terminal market

When the computing and data storage processing into account a comprehensive cloud computing platform appears solved the problem of large data applications, zebra cloud on this basis turned out. Cloud-based, new energy automotive sensors, GPS, car networking to technology, services in commercial zebra gallop new energy, new energy passenger cars, new energy bus data acquisition terminal market operations, integrated platform pooling of resources, real-time monitoring, ban Ma new energy capacity will enable the sharing of resources, centralized management, on-demand, flexible allocation become a reality.

1, a vehicle data acquisition provide the basis for vehicle purchase

All along, the lack of stability of new energy vehicles is the biggest concern of consumers. Zebra Run as providing new energy automotive service operators, when zebra car market first is to eliminate the security risks of user concerns by monitoring running state operation of the vehicle battery electric control, zebra cloud can achieve a background operation and maintenance center for real-time operational status of each one of new energy vehicles core parts zebra full control. This can be effective prevention, intervention, to avoid accidents and solve the user's fundamental worries, to provide a safe, convenient, high-quality traffic service to every customer zebra gallop.

Through its various brands zebra gallop operation of new energy vehicles hardware for long-term usage statistics and system analysis, screening out the best quality brand models, the results directly to the purchasing department as a basis for purchase of new energy vehicles, this will save a lot of manpower and financial resources to help build a better zebra gallop new energy vehicle fleet. Moreover, this comprehensive multi-dimensional data will become the new energy automobile manufacturers to improve the quality of vehicle entry points, as well as future breakthrough research and development of new energy vehicles.

2, charging stations quick and easy storage statistics charge

Zebra Run every new energy vehicles are a pure electric car, the normal operation of the car needs to have a zebra convenient charging environment as a support. The storage charging station and charging pile equipment category, use feedback to zebra cloud platform, the driver can query by phone APP, a vehicle with fast charging pile match guarantee new energy vehicles kinetic energy, the perfect solution zebra cloud storage configuration problems with the vehicle.

3, driving data monitoring to protect user security

Now, whether it is 'net about cars,' the passenger or freight logistics market, safety is the top priority of interest to users. Sharing a taxi economic model C2C platform in the user security issues frequent red, all kinds of serious incidents uncommon, and has intensified the trend. the metamorphosis platform in a taxi during the intermediary link role as, is not responsible for its driver's behavior. and in order to break expansion of soil to capture the market, the car hit some platforms in the driver's verification link to lower the threshold, in which a driver group was mixed, good and bad qualities.

Zebra Run B2C business model to set up self-fleet, equipped with its own drivers, strictly driving experience, safety awareness and sense of service control drivers, and strive to create a professional and high-quality team of drivers, safety catch from the source.

Through the new energy automotive sensors, zebra cloud enables the driver to drive the process of vehicle control, vehicle speed included in the assessment, inspection and service quality drivers, driving and speeding to prevent violence, multi-pronged approach to protect user security.

4, traffic data analysis of the prevailing wisdom build

Road congestion has become a sore point urban transport, existing only as a travel route car navigation reference, and does not have to provide optimal driving route function. Zebra cloud by car networking technology and vehicle GPS positioning function, road congestion status monitoring, combined with urban infrastructure construction, road analysis, optimal design for the driver access route to avoid congestion. save users time and economic costs, to create truly intelligent travel.

For custom bus route zebra, zebra cloud speed range can be achieved in road congestion, it requires drivers to strictly implement the safe speed to ensure passenger safety.

The current fast-paced life of intelligence services put forward higher requirements, it has become the epitome of the smart era. Based on prevailing market demand and career green zebra cloud platform will enable Zebra Run intelligent traffic services into more environmentally friendly people daily, leading the new trend of low-carbon life. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 把握大數據時代經濟增長核心,斑馬雲制勝未來綠色通行

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