Hytera full integration programs - control the situation calmly

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Narrowband private network communication equipment industry in the field of public safety, utilities, etc. has been widely used, industry users dispatching emergency communication and necessary equipment. However, as their business needs change in the industry, in addition to voice dispatch services outside , yet face more such as video surveillance, remote data acquisition, broadcast and other multimedia data services, dispatching hope during the process, not only to 'hear' but also 'see, see things clearly.' traditional narrowband system by standard bandwidth limitations, only limited data capacity, which limits the development of information technology. Therefore Hytera fully understand user needs, from the practical application of customers, based on LTE broadband technology, proposed by narrowband voice , broadband data width provides full integration programs.

Hytera full integration programs

Hytera full integration program to build a new generation of information dispatching system as a leader, more efficient and secure integration of broadband and narrowband communications network and multi-mode intelligent terminal;-end voice, data, images and integrated business applications; allows you to calmly response, control the overall situation.

Full integration programs - higher wisdom

Hytera fully converged solution can support existing narrowband systems (PDT, DMR, TETRA), a variety of network services to the public network (3G / 4G / 5G ...), the Internet, broadband and LTE special network coordinated and seamless switching to meet the communication needs of a variety of special scenarios, voice + data + image fusion, to provide users with a unified service experience.

Full integration programs - fast and efficient Heart

As a new generation fusion system-wide integration programs Hytera Hytera achieve a variety of its own private network communication standard (such as analog, PDT, DMR, Tetra) and efficient access to the base station, so that a unified application interface, unified user management, unified network management platform, unified management and control of business.

Hytera network integration programs can support narrowband public network, the Internet, broadband network a variety of network access solutions designed for a wide variety of users and narrowband services to provide a unified management and control, and has a better business performance, is the real system integration. Hytera and network convergence will simplify the deployment and maintenance of network users, user-friendly management.

As Hytera convergence solutions critical platform PUC wisdom cloud unified communications platform (hereinafter referred to as PUC) is the integration of audio and video converged communications and scheduling platform, which can be connected to different manufacturers, different standard phone systems, video systems, conference systems , private network systems and other communications systems, users can communicate across any communication device and command, to meet the communication needs of customers with the need to be able to pass .PUC unified business applications provide a transparent, open service interface, the upper layer business applications focus on customers business logic, design and implementation of business scenarios, regardless of how various types of different communication devices each docking system.

Full integration programs - may achieve more

Hytera fully converged solutions according to customer's current private network construction, providing a smooth upgrade various integration solutions, the program has a business integration, unified management, reliable, controllable costs, the advantages of a smooth upgrade for future public safety users command and Control system from existing narrowband systems provide a smooth evolution to broadband system upgrade program, both to ensure that customers existing investments, to play its mature, stable, reliable advantages, but also be able to protect their critical voice traffic will not be affected under the circumstances, for customers quickly add high-speed data and video and other rich multimedia services, can achieve more.

Critical moment the helm

Hytera full integration programs to achieve flat, peer to peer, multi-level dispatching business applications for the city emergency response including police headquarters, intelligence refers to one of the anti-terrorism emergency, large-scale security, security patrols provide unified platform, service response command according dispatching services, public safety authorities communicated the city, between the various departments narrowband and broadband multimedia dispatching fusion. and supports cross-regional, multi-node, multi-level, point-to-peer, and other cross-level command system operation, to achieve flexible deployment dispatch command center, where leaders meet, where the command center on demand by mobile handheld scheduling client, desktop smartphone site command dispatcher achieve rapid deployment and down, while the sea can fusion cluster of narrowband and broadband intelligent terminals, capable of intelligent systems and cloud background together to achieve information collection, analysis and decision support, can greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of front-line staff, as well as security.

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Traditional Chinese: 海能達全融合方案——從容應對 掌控全局

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