Theme stocks active stock index rose 0.64% three Yang

Updated: May 23, 2016  Views: 288

At the close, stock index reported 2843.65 points, up 0.64%, turnover of 139.95 billion yuan, Shenzhen Component Index reported 9918.16 points, up 1.03%, turnover of 279.26 billion yuan, the GEM index reported 2098.23 points, up 1.59%, turnover of 56.251 billion yuan, two City 61 stocks daily limit, limit 1 share, for a total turnover of 419.21 billion yuan, the previous day's turnover of 365.33 billion yuan.

Disk, Tesla stocks into the biggest bright spot, rich technology word limit, letter quality motor, the public sector, Angela technology, Farah electronic trading, long letter science and technology, the days of steam mode once daily limit,

Lithium stocks also has outstanding performance, Cangzhou Mingzhu, Xiangtan Electrochemical, the public and shares daily limit,

Time shares are active, Newamstar, Weihong shares, Golden Delicious Electric, Bang Bao Yizhi, Suao sensing limit,

IPhone new machine by stocking high boost, Apple stocks ring Asahi Electronic limit,

Price factors that stimulate, glyphosate stocks collective pulled up, the country shares, Yang agricultural chemicals hit a limit,

SF Holding intends to backdoor listing price of 43.3 billion, express logistics stocks collective pulled up, Hua Pengfei, Dayang creation limit.

LED, big data, virtual reality, the Internet and financial sector or front, the oil industry, insurance, steel industry, the concept of gold, securities, household appliances industry, wine industry sector performance is sluggish.

Individual stocks, Cologne refined the proposed 230 million acquisition of Sichuan SPA, four consecutive days limit after the resumption, and the king system 'two funds disk access 7.1 percent stake, dry according to optical limit, the pass GOOGle dogs enter China through search, search agent stocks Tianlong Group benefit limit, the United States intends to acquire healthy wholly owned Chi-Ming medical, resumption Budie, once the limit.

Policy outlook: the current market does not have the basis of microscopic and macroscopic basis rebound follow-up to wait for a strong stock Budie complete micro foundation to bring bounce, waiting for the Fed to raise interest rates fall macro base uncertainty we tend to bring investment rebound. who still need to wait in a better offensive opportunities, the need to control the current position. Key configuration appliance industry, media, feed, and environmental benefit PPP construction company, blood products industry, medical services, computer equipment, automobile, environmental protection Engineering and services, the pharmaceutical industry and other business topics configuration: military institute reform and speed up the progress of the people to join the army military theme, the theme of urban rail construction investment ushered in peak periods by El Nino effect, ahead of this year's flood season, typhoon season, rainy season upcoming season, flood control and waterlogging recommended topics to benefit from the policy gradually clear, Social capital requirements relating to quality investment PPP projects at the risk-free rate of return down, state-owned enterprise reform theme, benefiting from the State department instructed the innovation Center Shanghai Branch theme, Internet lottery theme. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 題材股活躍 滬指三連陽漲0.64%

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