Fast time is just a minimum standard takeaway O2O core objectives

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In recent years, O2O penetrated into all areas of life, brought us a lot of changes, especially with people basic necessities inseparable takeaway O2O, completely changed the way people live. Takeaway O2O development fiery same time, there are some users for Tucao consumer experience, especially for logistics and distribution are not allowed when dissatisfied.

Imagine, as a white-collar high-end office buildings, conference coupling, how can race against the course of their work will be willing to waste time waiting for takeaway delivery, or, commuting ordered to sell its duties, not home delivery send staff to the embarrassment of the remainder received no answer, I had to spend more time waiting for delivery room again members ......

As white-collar you can tolerate? So then, let us explore what white-collar groups of foreign selling O2O really needs?

White collar A: I just want a healthy and safe food can be delivered on time

'Whether I'm up and down the platform takeaway single new element or Sai steak, I never demanding them to realize Applebee 's business philosophy and feel the sea breeze Kenting Bay, I just hope I can enjoy a meal in a day's work under pressure healthy and safe food, of course, all this can not do without knights on time delivery and considerate service. '- the saying goes, a good horse with a good saddle.

In takeaway O2O industry, the major brand for business as well as food products quality control measures are not the same, of course, the effect is also different sizes. On this basis, logistics has become a very important between the user and the business, a platform ring as users increasingly demanding high quality of life, the major brands to ensure the safety of food products at the same time, 'how to ensure that food products from a logistics point of view on time delivery' has gradually become a new industry challenges.

Baidu takeaway from the outset choose self logistics team, using full-time distribution model, currently has more than 40,000 full-time knight. Baidu takeaway allied knights have been professional training, in their hearts, always put customer satisfaction as a goal to work hard . 'trials and hardships, just for the food products arrive on time', has become the firm conviction of more than 40,000 full-time Baidu takeaway knight mind. also includes unique code (identity, it Baidu Takeout Baidu knight on his arm intelligent logistics scheduling system connection, not only can monitor Knight delivery route, location, you can also send the Knights had traced every meal products, protect the quality of food products and services.

White collar B:? Delivery time can be more busy meeting some of what others do not

'I do not have lunch because delivery is not timely and hungry to participate in the afternoon session. Can you imagine what, once the face of the customer's Brief, suddenly my stomach rumbles, my God! Kind of embarrassing, enough to make I will not timely Dayton lunch remember a lifetime. '

When a brand not only has a sound security measures, more behind a strong technical support to enhance the efficiency of the service, the current Baidu takeaway logistics technology has applied for 30 patents, and in cooperation with the Institute of Baidu deep learning, accurate estimates of the restaurant meal time improving logistics through technical means of delivery on time. Think about it, which is enough to make white-collar users dumping.

Self-built logistics of the casting quality experience advantage is a powerful brand barriers to competition in support of artificial intelligence, the Baidu takeaway able to implement the most stringent standards in the industry logistics and distribution, '9540', that distribution rate of 95% on time, logistics and distribution time to less than 40 minutes. currently Baidu takeaway logistics punctuality rate has reached 98.5%, which is also the user Baidu takeaway dared commitment overtime payment of lung power.

White-collar C:? Delivery speed will certainly be better to work on the road received no answer how to do

'After a busy day, I do not want to return to the rental even cook it yourself, take-away can make me appear more convenient to enjoy food that is at work on the road, often a point I like curry chicken rice, but sent taker before I had been sent home, this is not a big deal. Every time your heart will silently mantra 'Why send so fast?' '

In fact, for takeaway O2O, the room rate only minimum standards through technical means or human sacrifice efficiency can achieve this goal, however, is the real-time delivery of core indicators takeaway test platform for the increasingly fast pace of life white-collar crowd, fixed meal times very limited, then too fast or too slow to affect the normal dining experience.

Delivery on time, not only need to be more diligent efforts to delivery staff, more needs Takeout platform scheduling appropriately. In this regard, Baidu Takeout use of 'smart send a single full-time Knight +' will increase on-time delivery takeaway to 98.5%, the successful capture of ' last kilometer 'logistics problems. even on the big logistics system, Baidu takeaway this time rate is far ahead.

'Quality of life, security service,' Baidu takeaway recently launched a new brand slogan, just hit the takeaway O2O industry pain points - the food safer, more punctual distribution would appear to understand the needs of white-collar users takeaway brand still exists. of. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 快只是最低標準 準時才是外賣O2O核心目標

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