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With the economic development has entered a 'new normal' and the rapid rise of the Internet economy and the rapid development of traditional industries of living space has been severely squeezed, even in some industries may have been subversive.

March 5, 2015, the third meeting of the 12th National People's Congress, Premier Li proposed the development of 'Internet +' action plan so far, 'Internet +' is written in the government work report, national strategy this year the state has proposed a 'supply side' of reform, from the government down to the small and micro enterprises in all areas, at all levels are associated with a series of thinking and planning, force more industry had to face the transformation and upgrading, 'Internet not to upgrade will be eliminated,' the anxiety sweeping the country over the past mass production, mass marketing increasingly unsustainable growth model, it seems that only into the 'Internet +' craze, in order to catch the last train of development. in order to seek greater living space, many traditional business line body in the sights of this year's hottest 'Internet +.' but it must be admitted that in recent years the 'Internet +' is the word in the past year more time was severely abused, in recognition of dislocation and dislocation focal point, so that the next line of many traditional commercial (or business) on the 'Internet +' upgrade path crashing.

The line traditional commercial body transformation 'Internet +' dislocation of understanding

First, the 'Internet +' is not a 'magic bullet' and the 'last straw', it can be just an efficient use of the operating means. Cars + internet, not into airplanes, produce real value or traditional industry itself. If tradition industry as a building, and the 'Internet +' is the building's elevator, the building itself is providing a physical space availability, elevator operators well, can bring convenience to users, increasing its value, there is no lift, upper and lower floors still can be accomplished by walking stairs is currently putting the cart before the presence of some of the traditional industries of the phenomenon, the major resources and energy on building on the Internet, and finally more harm than good. 'Internet +' is not the role of traditional industries subversion, but a species upgrading and updating.

Secondly, the 'Internet +' upgrade from the Internet as a tool for the infrastructure of a multi-service convergence technology. The development of the Internet, from the initial information transmission medium, developed as a marketing channel, and later become a utility, Today, with the evolution of market demand and enhance the integration of technology, 'Internet +' of the Internet, especially mobile Internet brought a set of application gateways, cloud computing, big data, and even the merging of networking technology constitute the entire foundation stage facilities, such as a building weak system, rendering the value of traditional industries become an integral part of the role played by the more comprehensive requirements will be higher.

The line traditional commercial body transformation 'Internet +' dislocation of focus

'Internet +' operating under the main body is the traditional commercial line (or business), rather than the Internet companies. Or by the pressure to survive, or they do not understand the depth of the Internet, upgrading traditional business lines under a lot of bodies on the Internet often on the road cause confusion or illusion on the 'Internet +' the operator of the subject, even subconsciously weaken the main industry development, formed around the 'Internet +' the main line of operational thinking and shape, but its organizational structure and its gene and incompatible with the Internet, the result died on the 'Internet +' on the beach, or on both sides do not have to be thorough.

However, the 'Internet +' key to solve the traditional commercial body under the line (or business) value of the product and then upgrade or re-creation, rather than a simple marketing channel expansion. Under the traditional business line or body corporate in the business has its unique under line attribute, especially in the current overcapacity, mining and consumption potential and the release of this new consumption potential realizable value in return, this is the first value of the 'Internet +' presentation. how to tap and release the industrial property OK, not static. in many traditional commercial body line is also not aware of this focus, it will be a 'large investment with little success,' and even the phenomenon of anti-victim.

The line of traditional commercial body needs more professional 'Internet +' total solutions operators

Faced with chaotic scene, cohabitation 'Internet +' market, the lack of Internet experience and do not want to run into a wall at death in an attempt to line traditional commercial or industrial body, how to find their own development and upgrading of the road?

First, to solve the pain points of the overall solution is an essential prerequisite. At present, the 'Internet +' is not only fully applied to the tertiary industry, such as the formation of a new eco Internet banking, Internet traffic, the Internet health care, education, the Internet, and is the first and second industry, which varied types of Internet, especially mobile Internet demands are not the same, not simply focus on e-commerce sectors, namely electricity supplier of can 'cure', electricity essence's just to increase sales channels and thus increase sales. Taobao, for example, data show that only about 18.67% of the shops in the half-year profit rose 38.67% shop flat, up 42.67 percent decline in profits of the store, and this the proportion is still expanding seen, not simply 'electrical contact' will be able to enhance the performance and profitability, offline or traditional business body to return to the offline industry specific 'service experience value' up, digging the core competitiveness strong companies can focus on the strength of this point of self-built platform, or is able to aid around this core point solve their pain points professional third-party solution providers, the saved resources focused on the development of their core products.

Secondly, effective operation is key to the success of the upgrade. Development of the Internet to the mobile Internet is already the status quo, the line traditional commercial bodies must directly to consumers, and consumers face excavation and release their consumption potential, and further converted to value. 'internet +' or 'mobile internet +' overall solution must contain operations, including, it is no exaggeration to say that the success of the 'internet +' upgrade, 30% rely on the platform or ecological, by 70% It is operational.

'Internet +' operator is very high professional level of the technical activities, to include product operations, technical operations, market operations and other operations and fans content, new pull, retention, promotion of living and income are four elements operate, how this four elements play to the best level, is required to complete a professional team. This is like the 'Internet +' is a sharp sword, into the hands of a martial arts master, on the battlefield can be straight heads will take, into the hands of ordinary people, it is estimated that a wood cutting tool only, they might even injure yourself.

As the first mobile Internet total solution proposed operator, Shanghai Alliance Choi Electronic Technology deep understanding of the pain when the line transformation of traditional industries face - do not be afraid to die in transition, transformation turn fear death, relying on China's first 'mobile Internet + 'eco-services, integration of electricity providers online and offline O2O, big data services, internet financial services and LBP (bi-linked third-party service platform) 5 large platform for the next line traditional commercial bodies, industry, the company offers the basic functionality to operate the service, to the profit model upgrade upgrade full range of Internet services, and strive to become the Internet service operator for the label industry's fourth largest ecology.

Do the cornerstone of 'Mobile Internet +' upgrade path

Choi Electronic Technology in Shanghai Alliance opinion, a help line traditional commercial body, the Internet upgrade industries, not simply to create a few APP, website or electronic business platform will be able to achieve, it must include both online and offline, to break big data applications, financial services, payment services networking, and the ability to bring together a number of third-party applications, and many other industrial and services sectors. as a 'to B' company, Shanghai Alliance Choi electronic Technology is committed to provide users with products and operations comprising including a full range of solutions.

In terms of products, Shanghai Alliance Choi Electronic Technology by nearly four years of exploration, the formation of a market-proven service operators to combine hard and soft label 'Internet +' ecology. This eco application layer to 'study the boss' smart shop solutions business as the entrance of the line, to solve the core issue of B2B; the introduction of 'smart warehouse' vertical electric business platform and operating cross-border smart devices and services, B2C resolve the core issue; at the same time launched the 'learning of the bells' wisdom life application as the next line episodic consumption and physical networking service entrance, C2C and C2B solve problems.

For this ecological service layer, Choi Electronic Technology Shanghai Alliance also launched a big data application services, Internet services, and financial assets linked bi open service platform for third-party applications (referred to as LBP) three major platforms for bi-linked whole 'Internet +' service Eco users to provide data online applications at the same time, depending on the industry attributes to help users match the most suitable for its industrial applications and large data analysis and guidance, integration through financial services to every consumer behavior converted into value-added wealth .

Faced with medium and large industrial customers, Shanghai Alliance Choi Electronic Technology can also rely on each other a combination of six products, customized by adding special needs, to achieve 'smart industry' and upgrading of traditional industries and medium-sized customers.

In the operating level, Shanghai Alliance Choi Electronic Technology focus on 'new pull, retention, and promote live, income generation,' the four core, has a set of effective operational strategies in customer service, and according to the localization of the line traditional commercial and industrial body property, the country has completed the layout of the seven district operations center, and starts the corresponding business cooperation model, the fastest in two years, 'Internet +' eco-services operator contacts extend electronic bi-linked to each country's county or city level.

Adhering to the 'experience of leading consumer, data change management, financial inclusion life,' the purpose of the bi-Electronic Technology Shanghai Alliance hopes to help lower body line traditional commercial and industrial Found 'Internet +' transformation methods and ideas, which will not only fit the economic development trends and national policies, in line with the 'Internet +' law of development, has been made a lot of success stories. the Shanghai-Choi electronic Technology that as long as the traditional industry is not dying, and choose an associated bi struggling industry direction and mode of operation will not demise, the United Choi willing and many traditional industries embrace the promise of a vast future.

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Traditional Chinese: 聯璧電子科技:做線下傳統商業體升級“互聯網+”的基石

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