TencentOS pause at the end of the adapter or will publish its mobile

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Made mobile phones in 2015, entered the bloody stage, the market competition for mobile phone manufacturers has intensified between the traditional Internet Big Three seem not too interested in the mobile phone. Recently, there are rumors Tencent will launch its own brand mobile phone.

TencentOS pause at the end of the adapter or will publish its mobile

TencentOS Official Forum Announcements

I think carefully, Tencent mobile phones do have much interest? Now the mobile phone market has entered a stage of bloody battle, the intensity of competition between the major manufacturers is too high, the node into the mobile phone market and there is no advantage, if poor sales or profits is too low, it is not a good thing for Tencent, Tencent good at software services, rather than hardware development. However, the hardware development can be outsourced to the strength of the ODM companies, thus reducing input costs on to do their good software services.

However, Tencent to do mobile move it real, TencentOS heavy news release official forum in May 20, equipped TencentOS2.0 depth customized mobile phones is coming. It is reported that the phone will be released on May 30, carrying TencentOS2 .0 system, you had not yet divulge details about the phone, all have to wait to pinpointing conference for Tencent smartphone, and many users are not interested in is what are the characteristics of Tencent mobile phone, but is not Buy Tencent QQ phone will not send members or game props skin, which may attract more attention than a cell phone user.

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Traditional Chinese: TencentOS暫停適配 月底或將發布旗下手機

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