City firm call center: a high standard of customer service at the core

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Banking is one of the first application of call center technology industry, the scale of its application also ranks the forefront of the industry, the average level of investment in technology is relatively far higher than other industries, on the level of technology and operations management capacity represents the call center industry the highest level of development of urban commercial banks as an important part of the banking sector, relatively large commercial banks in relatively small-scale application, but in terms of technical standards, operations management and service capacity are on par with the biggest banks.

With the development of technology and the need for competition, banks pay more attention to improve customer service quality and management efficiency by means of information. Call center as an important part of the information platform, the bank improve its competitiveness, business process model transformation and diversification of , he played an integral role.

As IP call center platform specialist, AltiGen enter the domestic city commercial banks in the field for over a decade, the demand for the banking industry is well aware of its products not only can satisfy the high stability requirements for banking call center, the system can function fully supports its flexible and complex business needs. Today the bank is not just a call center customer service center, but also the retail banking and other very good sales platform for banks to provide comprehensive services and marketing support.

AltiGen's unique fully functional redundant hot standby program can be very good to meet the demand for bank backup and disaster recovery; either manually or self-service service, AltiGen provides flexible configurable process management model; open SDK interfaces for quick integration with CRM and other back-office operations and data; comprehensive and accurate reporting system can output a full range of statistical analysis and data management, provide an important basis for the operational management and KPI assessment; with the popularity of Internet services means, AltiGen system You can also chat with the online tools, micro-channel customer service and other means of cooperation, unity; based banks to establish branches in different regional needs, AltiGen customers can also build private cloud call center, greatly reducing procurement costs and operation and maintenance costs.

Since 1998 to enter the Chinese market, AltiGen has to include the Bank of Beijing, Guangzhou Bank, Merchants Bank, Bank of Qingdao, Beijing Agriculture and Commerce, Chengdu CFPA, dozens of city commercial banks and agricultural firms set up call center system.

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Traditional Chinese: 城商行呼叫中心:以高標準客戶服務為核心

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