Hearthstone legend Raiders: card group consisting of ideas and prototypes related

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Hearthstone legendary version change, update the card group is also changing, but always remain the same, to understand the fundamental ideas of the group consisting card, both for their own constitution deck, or against your opponents, choose different strategies is very necessary. aside now changing and adjustment of the specific card group card group talk about the prototype, the idea is fundamental to understand.

Game card group prototype categories:

The game can be roughly divided into four groups prototype card: break, speed, control, and COMBO (slip deck, OTK deck class fast attack early in the game trying to kill the opposite, speed and control group class card pay more attention to the rhythm of the control group .COMBO class card is to break the rhythm, beheaded across a variety COMBO.

Currently ladder all the cards are similar to group 4 in this group derived card, even if occupation, decks constitute different, but the general idea is to these four prototypes based.

Class fast attack

Fast-break type card game in the group is the fastest, the purpose of this type of card is set to win quickly, early in the game by a large number of low-cost licensing opponents off guard, this type of card group Mana cancellation fees generally constitute around 1-4 sets brand.

Playing cards face class Group:

Such groups as the name card, their only goal is the opposite of a 'face', where the card group uses entourage basically 'Emergency' followers, little group here card solutions field, through continuous fight face to force opponents with you entourage exchange. a perfect example is the 'T7 hunting' in the hunter's card group, there is a hero skills can be stabilized on her face hurt, has rapid fire, killing and so her face skills, while adding low-cost entourage so that when the game ends in 7 fee.

Shop early control field class or category:

Such groups do not take the initiative to grab the card face, but just as quickly. Once they took control of the scene, you will be increasing pressure. Such cards are basically group used together with low-cost entourage less spell. zoo is a good example of Warlock skills can make up to pumping hand, though they are low cost entourage, but then the number will let you come under increasing pressure, as well as before the same type of version of touch leg ride, the current version of 'Divine Shield ride'

Outbreak class card group:

These cards are very difficult group for a class, since early in the game and they will not attack you, you may even think they are slow deck, but a sudden turn, they would break out all the damage.

Before the outbreak of the Master is the presence of a group of class card, this card group early in the game will calculate hurt themselves, too early in the game will choose the cards, and then began a round face pressed to play spells and spells with ice ring control field, such Master usually carry 'Arcane puppets' (previous versions can charge.

Speed categories:

Speed card game card group is the most common type, but also a principle of the most sought after category. These cards group is to try to make your mana crystal holding optimal use of such cards mana curve is very balanced.

'Rhythm' class card group

Rhythm is the key to the deck, the deck has its own rhythm, keeping the rhythm is key to the deck to win. The cards cost a lot 3-6 entourage, very strong medium-term, once they have the advantage, you will the group felt card speed suddenly becomes very fast. Yaofa fire is a good example, early in the game to use magic solution field control field, once the fire demon appearances, he would play all the cards in hand to rely on fire demon was playing hurt.

'Based Mana curve' card group

These cards are often based group mana curve constructed, that is, 'a strange press charges' (Fei Sebu 5, 6 fee lion, bumper purpose 7 fee per turn this card group Optimal use mana crystals entourage, which Objective Taoka group is the most appropriate cost per round of followers, until the opposite off the solution, or do not want to deal with. the most common idea in the arena. the current C'thun deck is also based on such an idea, every turn a C'thun system deck, then cost 10 C'thun beheaded.

Field control class card group

These cards are not only relying on the group entourage, entourage complete with spells beheaded. Speed Sa is the best example, the card group spells and a considerable number of followers, use a solution of the field, followers of the battlefield of ideas, after obtaining the advantages of scene , a bloodthirsty outbreak beheaded opposite. the idea is to use the card group to seize control of the magic scene advantage, after accumulating a certain advantage to come up with great harm beheaded opponents.

Control group class card

Control group class card game can be said that the most tricky category, it is very difficult for a class. These cards require a lot of skill set to play the biggest role. These cards are set relative to other cards in terms of the group are more prone to error , the power of this type of card is set in the late game.

Tyrant class

Here, unlike the rhythm class card group card group is to a great extent deals effortlessly canceled, which means the majority of rounds will be 'too empty' situation. Magic crystal card charges here are usually in groups of more than 6 fee. In the late game, release a large number of high-quality biological solution until the opponent off. Tyrant war, dirty animal husbandry, Enzuo Si ride is one such idea.

Fatigue class deck

Here card group need to be very patient, because the game will not end soon. The way to kill a multi-card group is tired to win. Before the fatigue law, fight fatigue and bust thief.

Combo class

Such deck no fixed rate, the game can be fast, some are slow. The only constant is fit to attack directly via the card group.

'OTK' (slip categories:

These cards are set through continuous accumulation hand, and then a round of play hurt beheaded opposite. Deck looks like a line card control group, there are many solutions field, control field of cards, but with the control group class card the difference is that, in a bout will be a sudden outbreak beheaded opponents such as: slip technique, nuclear bombs, animal husbandry.

Miracle class card group:

The name says it together, sometimes in the game, the whole scene has been firmly in control of you, but after 1-2 rounds, the whole situation becomes out of control. The deck is similar to 'OKT' of ideas, but not in a bout beheaded because a miracle card class group brought with more possibilities. in the early game, even if you build enough advantage, but a sudden bout you lose all.

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Traditional Chinese: 爐石傳說攻略:卡組構成思路及相關原型

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