Zhenjiang Chaoyang Electrical and Mechanical Technology chairman Zhu Zhaoping guest "Time weathervane"

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He was a teacher, teaching, students everywhere

He is also an entrepreneur pioneer the introduction of talent, pioneering technology

He firmly believes that 'technology to lead the market' concept, hands, excellence

He founded Zhenjiang Chaoyang Electrical and Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd., and the establishment of proprietary laboratory Jiangsu University, formed mainly of a full range of elevator safety components Electrical Technology product line, with fair and reasonable prices and universities attentive service, received numerous whole ladder manufacturer's favorite era benchmark issue << >> people: Zhenjiang Chaoyang Electrical and Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd. chairman Zhu Zhaoping

Between up and down, I have security go together

With economic development, the floor is covered, the more the higher the cover, a lot of people go to work every day, shopping life, are inseparable from the elevator, but the elevator safety hazards are endless, to some extent, a serious impact on people's travel security. Zhu Zhaoping elevator safety concern is the hundreds of thousands of one entrepreneur. he founded Zhenjiang Chaoyang Electrical Co., Ltd., Italy Apartments facing the sun, glory, such as the development of the rising sun, shining light to all the elevator industry corner.

Zhenjiang Chaoyang Electrical and Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, with the main elevator parts, such as the I-beam, trunking, skirts, etc. These products are all traditional products, not high-tech. In order to be able to long-term foothold in the industry, in in 2012 the company introduced the elevator safety component technologies, mainly in the elevator buffer, safety gear, rope and other combinations, such products more technical and demanding, the company introduced a large number of professionals, while building dedicated in Jiangsu University laboratories, this product as a long-term research, and continuously improve product technology. the safety gear is an important safety device of the elevator components, can play an important role in the security of the elevator and speeding out of control, it can be said, precisely because of safety gear the emergence and development, only to become a high-rise elevator building essential vertical transport velocity anomaly occurs when the elevator is running too fast, exceeding the governor governor rating action, driving safety gear locking the elevator car forced to stop on the rail, thus ensuring lift safety because technology leadership, strong stability, the products are accepted by more and more enterprises, known as 'high-tech enterprises.'

Cross-border venture national brand

Zhu Zhaoping, a former teacher of the people, he gave up the chance to make the podium onto the stage entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is hard, the responsibility is great. A platform for a lot of jobs to feed the family, and Premier Zhu but bear the risk alone! Wanxing has founded the non-standard, Chaoyang electrical, electronic brilliant, in the absence of technology is not the market situation, Zhu Zhaoping personally stood to learn from scratch, but also the introduction of professionals and major research institutions to cooperate on product technology escalating in Zhu Zhaoping minds has maintained a 'technology lead the market' concept, in order to perfect the product, first of all have advanced technology, technical team invested far more than other sectors. because of this philosophy, allow the company to consistently large number of people the peace of mind rooted in Chaoyang Electrical and Mechanical Services for the company to contribute their strength.

From teaching personnel for the society to start at the beginning to think people do their own brand, Zhu Zhaoping want to do every product, winning glory for the country, while addressing some of society's employment problems; Zhu Zhaoping believe market-leading technology philosophy. through the continuous technological innovation, quality of service, in perfect good domestic market, while continuing to expand overseas markets, a brand industry average short-lived Chinese private enterprises, most enterprises because of the lack of innovation and move towards extinction, only technological innovation to win the market, in order to realize this concept, Chaoyang Electrical and Mechanical focus on investment in technology research and development, met with well-known elevator safety experts and members of Jiangsu University professor, to ensure that technical, progressive development, and strive to become the industry's leading enterprises.

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Traditional Chinese: 鎮江朝陽機電科技董事長朱朝平做客《時代風向標》

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