If all the people live is a pseudo-proposition, that built its cloud service based on video how should we do

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If all the people live is a pseudo-proposition, that built its cloud service based on video how should we do

Electricity providers, social, live video game ...... overwhelming subvert the segments one by one, strong gold absorption capacity so that it has become a veritable cash cows.

With the successive admission of capital and Internet giant, live video far beyond the live show and games category, with 'fans economy', 'the people live' and other slogans to advance the diversification of emerging broadcast platforms, providing even mobile TV solutions cloud service providers also frequently favored capital.

Why 'National Live' is a false proposition?

Full-blown live video seems to be a trend no doubt, vertical positioning clearly also has a live product looks enticing, but just one year the number grew from 25 to more than 200, the entire industry has emerged agitation even the white-hot trend of development. It was predicted that the market will enter a live video reshuffle within one to two years, but in my opinion the so-called 'universal live' from the outset is a false proposition.

Live video from a historical development point of view, to YY, 9158, six rooms show field as a representative of PC is defined as a live broadcast 1.0 times, eye teeth, and other games betta live platform is called Live 2.0 times, and now pepper, Ying-off and hundreds of similar products are classified as pan-entertainment live 3.0 times. the so-called pan-entertainment live, the effect that the live scene more diverse food, clothing, etc. can be called music live creative. live entertainment pan cake more do bigger, but from 'the people live' need the following three crossed the threshold.

1, continuous output of content

Live video myths and boost capital has an indispensable relationship, but the capital remained calm on investment. In contrast video broadcast platform from 2015 to date financing behavior, the size of more than 10 million more concentrated in the show, there are games and entertainment giant pan background. the reason is simple, the live show is relatively mature, has formed a complete production system content, the game itself is a good source of content, it has always been an important position live video, while the pan-entertainment live is still dependent on stars, red network 'scarce resources', especially in the case of regulatory policy increasingly tighter, content output is not optimistic.

2, steady traffic sources

With community outreach to users Meerkat three months ago renounced live video social services in favor of Periscope on Twitter and Facebook acquired line features Live video broadcast momentum in the US market and far from home, but domestic mapped Pan outcome live entertainment products, especially in the case of micro-Bo, Tencent have to enter the live video now reflect passenger traffic acquisition platforms are still heavily dependent on social platforms themselves did not become a good flow inlet. It is worth mentioning that , even in the case of serious content gap, unfamiliar street live business last year contributed $ 15 million in revenue, also means that pan-entertainment live in 'red network', 'star' and other labels deeper.

3, the realization of sustainable way

For now, the profit model, a lot of internet advertising and a reward-based user can be many 'red network', the high-income users and recency not unrelated, the absence of quality content support, coupled with the proliferation of similar platforms, simple 'behavior among' profit chain will eventually face a break. However, in the precise vertical markets, sustainable earnings seem more optimistic, 'the net electricity supplier + red + live' for the chain example, electricity suppliers to provide live traffic, content broadcast output has become an important way to obtain accurate user, it also provides a way to cash and merchandise seamless docking. but the result of this trend, the live video will gradually become instrumental.

As a live video practitioners said, 'only to find their own vertical areas, with differentiated content and products, quasi-legal platform to keep lasting afloat.' Regardless of social or universal broadcast live, belong the concept of pan-popular course, 'all the people live,' the most likely way to achieve that is embedded in the microblogging, letters and other mature social products, become after a short video new community of communication, but the real life of the live video will attract interest from the public do? With a large number of at least push back the red dream live network participants.

Capital popular video cloud in live play what role?

A technology incentive outbreak of live video, live video anchor getting lower and lower the threshold, the user by means of mobile phone, PC and other popular digital products to enter the live state, and the freedom to easily create, publish live video, while the video cloud service providers just act as live video solutions provider.

In the capital being sought after live platform, but also investors see the future of video cloud body long ago, Paul Wolff announced the acquisition of tens of millions, as the financing, followed by mountain cloud announced the completion of C + round of financing of $ 50 million, and declared that the overweight video cloud layout. with the same time, Netease, music television, Ali, Tencent and other aspects of the action in the video cloud is also growing, popular webcast seems to ignite the upstream and downstream industry chain.

At the outlet side is live video, one side is regarded as the golden alms bowl cloud services, in favor of capital symbolizes the development prospects of the video cloud has been recognized by the market, but on the front of the analysis, if all the people live is a false proposition, it means that there will be a large number of broadcast platforms are eliminated. before live platform for the insiders forget such a bill, according to the Chinese-bandwidth billing model, the lowest rate of 800K to count, while a millions of online live platform, only the bandwidth monthly fees as high as 30 million to 40 million yuan. in fact, many real online broadcast platform number did not reach one million level, but also on live video platform video cloud services, only need to consider the bandwidth and traffic costs, investment in basic resources is not large.

Each video cloud service's published data show that almost every family has accumulated a certain number of live video customers, for example, has more than 30 NetEase cloud video broadcast platform to provide video services to the cloud, including Netease BoBo, Netease news, radishes and other live Tencent cloud video broadcast solutions and services opt for the interactive video, live Pearl, etc. If live internet users leave a large scale, is bound to affect video cloud service provider revenue.

Compared to other cloud services, video cloud to cloud storage, computing, network bandwidth, content distribution and other infrastructure have higher requirements. For example, video content take up vast amounts of storage space, and with the full HD, 2K, 4K increasing popularity and other resources, storage resources occupied by the video itself will increase rapidly, the distribution of resources you need high-quality CDN resources and network bandwidth resources. in layman's terms, the initial investment is large video cloud services, require sustained and stable customer resources .

Thus, the video broadcast platform catering to this cash cow at the same time, the following aspects of the service capacity will directly determine the future pattern of cloud video market.

First, a video-rich cloud services Scenarios

Earlier in the article pointed out, online education, live show, social networking applications, information portals, live games, telemedicine, corporate collaboration trillion to stimulate the market video cloud services, and as today's hottest artists live video platform is the most rosy scenarios. of course, almost all of the video cloud services are claiming their product is suitable for radio and television, education, advertising, electricity, media, games, entertainment, mobile Internet and other industry segments, many practical applications it does not seem so optimism.

In online education, for example, the domestic market size of online education in 2015 has exceeded 170 billion, and in the double-digit growth, the video cloud services as much as the allure of the show live. For now, Paul Leeway TV, Netease video cloud, have begun cultivating online education, the former as a business team aimed at the education market in this segment, while the latter have enough practical experience, provides live video and video-on-demand service, for example Netease Netease cloud cloud classroom.

Each industry has its own characteristics, cloud video service wide net approach is certainly right, how can understand industry pain points and develop personalized solutions, rich or not is the key scenes application.

Secondly, change the simple resource rent operating mode

As previously mentioned, even live online, content is still the core component and the rights and content creation costs with repercussions far higher than the cost of cloud computing infrastructure, which will be decided in the future is bound to cloud video simply get rid of the resource rent operating mode from the current point of view, in addition to resource rent fees, service charges than the video, Tencent cloud hit the 'content-sharing platform capabilities + + channel traffic into' model, while the music, as the cloud is also planning ' video CDN + + industry cloud ecological model. '

For entrepreneurs, the content itself is a short board that giant, content and converged video cloud is a trend, for example, Baidu Post Bar may provide content support for the Baidu cloud users, Netease cloud reading, thread, etc. NetEase cloud for video partners as a content source. of course, almost every Internet giants have cultivated a ten million or even billions of dollars of mobile applications, which are likely to become the user's video cloud diversion object.

Third, ahead of the layout of the future demand for live video

No one knows the next flashpoint in the cloud video where, in the hardware development still follow 'Moore's Law,' the development of the mobile Internet is creating a another possibility. For example, with H.265 encoding technology promotion, 4K video or will be popular, which requires higher resolution video support cloud video services on technical functions. developed VR / AR has become a major trend of the future development of video and video cloud corporations are funding , personnel, hardware design, technical support, will directly determine the future ability of VR / AR provides reliable cloud service on the computing power and image processing capabilities. for this, there have been numerous video cloud announced that it will force VR.

Overall, the video industry profit model diversified business model innovation Video Cloud provides an opportunity, but video and live video cloud facing the same problem: the increasing number of incoming, much the same as each solution. ' full live 'concept into the dust cloud video service providers are able to take advantage of the segments and place it? perhaps this will also lead to a reshuffle video cloud.

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