81-year-old hospital deplorable repeatedly caught pickpocketing

Updated: May 23, 2016  Views: 184

May 23 Xinhua Nanjing Electric (Sun Yuan Shen Wenda this year March 16 to May 11, an urban hospital inpatient in a row there were three mobile phone thefts, which raises concerns Juqianjie police station. Police retrieved surveillance video of the incident, found a man suspected of committing major video May 11, the police clearly see the start of its operation. police found the man, although only one side exposed, wearing a distinctive the 'back to back' brand hat monitoring Tracking man in front of the hospital on a taxi to leave after, he lost the trail. police speculated that the elderly would choose large flow of people in the hospital to start committing the crime.

After at 9:00 on May 16, starting the police to the hospital. Plainclothes searched the two laps, really in the first floor of Building III was found in the elevator wearing a 'back to back' hat suspects, he immediately contact the hospital police office and pocketing team. subsequently, Zhou police officers approached the old man stopped. in pocketing team members cooperate, the police will man taken to the hospital police office, asked the elderly prevarication, performance is very panic.

After that, police will man back to the police station Juqianjie. After investigation, the man surnamed Kim, has reached the age of 81, he quickly admitted his pickpocketing in the hospital several facts of the crime. At present, the suspects have been police bail pending trial.

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Traditional Chinese: 可悲可嘆 81歲老人醫院多次扒竊被抓

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