e bags wash Lu Wenyong talk O2O: just, quality, efficiency, cost

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e bags wash Lu Wenyong talk O2O: just, quality, efficiency, cost

May 22, 2016, e bags wash CEO Lu Wenyong to Shenyang branch staff to share entitled << world-class service-oriented enterprises in China >> will keynote speech Explanation e bags wash stand 'Lazy economy' the air course seek survival and development, and to synchronize Branch recent focus, team-building and strengthening the quality of service concept.

the rapid development of e bags wash station in Shenyang breakthrough 50,000 orders

e bags wash Lu Wenyong talk O2O: just, quality, efficiency, cost

It is reported that, in 2013 e wash bags Established as laundry transition from the old Rongchang laundry O2O online platform chairman Zhang Rongyao founded e bags, after which attracted 85 after Baidu product manager Lu Wenyong as CEO. Currently, e bags wash already covered 31 cities by the end of 2016 is expected to cover nearly 100 cities, users, usage have a million among the nation's top middleweight. April 25, 2015, e bags wash in a single day over 10 million single orders, creating a new record in the history of the laundry industry. in addition, in August 2015, e wash bags obtained from Baidu lead investor, Matrix Partners China, SIG with the cast of the $ 100 million B round of financing, company valuation of nearly 10 billion dollars.

e bags wash station in Shenyang August 20, 2015 opening, 300 single-day orders, orders peak of nearly single, single volume trends continued to grow, it has opened a total of nearly 50,000 single, so good also for other developments sub-station set an example.

Enhance the quality of life O2O lazy economic survival seize four Vital

e bags wash Lu Wenyong talk O2O: just, quality, efficiency, cost

Lu Wenyong sharing that 'Lazy economy' era has come Penguin Intelligence survey data shows that in the 19 694 users involved in research, only 24% of users think they are hard working people who do not love to do housework or chores for Procrastination users occupy 76%. in the 'lazy economy' era, the life of a lot of demand can be a key to solve the taxi with Didi, Uber, called the meal with the US group, Baidu Takeout, wash laundry bags becoming e habit in the APP service support many connections, the 'lazy' has become a fashion.

Lu Wenyong said that this was the best of times, development of the Internet has gone through three stages, namely the information age, the era of substance, lazy service era of the information age have Baidu and the four portals to meet the information needs of people reading material Age Jingdong Ali meet the demand for material life, but lazy service age greater need to enhance their own quality of life. I believe this era focused on the power to completely subvert rather than optimization.

In Lu Wenyong opinion, O2O industry to survive, there are four Vital, are just, quality, efficiency, cost measure 'just be' two elements of the crowd and the frequency that the crowd is not large enough, the frequency of use is not high enough, in the era of lazy service, quality is '1', other value-added are behind the '0' efficiency mean for consumers save more, the greater the value O2O service, the cost is low enough to do, fit market , require the operator to consider whether large-scale production, low marginal costs, such as centralized laundry facility.

Can be summarized in one sentence e bags wash the user's needs: clean, get it back as soon as possible.

In fact, users 'clean' needs, in fact, the demand for quality. Based on this, e bags wash heritage Rongchang old '365' standard care, and P & G has 17 years of experience in research and development, Dr. Ma incurred under founded care Institute, setting the highest standards in the industry washing, to achieve the ultimate quality.

e wash bags will become the first brand of lazy and world-class service-oriented enterprises

e bags wash Lu Wenyong talk O2O: just, quality, efficiency, cost

Lu Wenyong stressed that the future of the company will cease to exist one million employees .e wash bags do to subvert the traditional revolutionaries, rather than a optimizer. After the adoption of a positive experience accumulated enough user stickiness, combined with the gradual mature of all communities packet mode services, e bags wash service dedicated to covering the full range of services to the whole of life, to build China's largest community sharing platform. in the community crowdsourcing model, more people will have the freedom and equality of opportunity to create life, 0 yuan has a laundry communities.

In addition to social forms of organization outside, e bags wash service will also design products based on lazy scene. That is in addition to ensuring service quality, but also do your homework 'quality of experience' on, in order to bring all kinds of suck the eye marketing scene, to meet their emotional appeal. for example, March 14 White Day, a descendant of the sun by the drama << >> the hit, e bags wash wear white shoes combine drama actress scene, seized the opportunity a 'sneakers whiten' the marketing scene. Release promotions shoes washing service, we hope to 'wash new Yanjiu' campaign to stimulate user white long-buried emotions. after the launch event received a warm response, day of the event, e bags wash amount to more than thirty thousand pairs of shoes.

Lu Wenyong believe in lazy economic times, more and more people care about the quality of service to bring emotional satisfaction .e bags washing laundry O2O China has become the first brand of Chinese clothing first service platform, but the pace of e bags will not only wash thereto. care industry is just an entry point, e bags washing care industry by leading the revolution, will create a new way of life, development of the times, the first brand to become lazy and world-class service-oriented enterprises. 'this is the history of mankind on each individual from a recent life-changing! '

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Traditional Chinese: e袋洗陸文勇談O2O:剛需、品質、效率、成本

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