Hengshan County Rural Tourism Festival held its third 70 young blind spot

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Original title: Hengshan County Rural Tourism Festival held its third 70 young blind spot

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Tourists. Red Net Hengshan station May 23 News (sub-station correspondent Fu Xin Yi) May 21, 2016, China Hengshan (third) Rural Tourism Festival 'Love For All Seasons · mangosteen Love' campaign in Hunan Province Hengshan County mangosteen Estate cloud town held the same day, mangosteen acres of blooming lilies near the village attracts a million visitors come to visit the surrounding area to enjoy. 70 drowned from Hengshan, Hengdong and Mountain 'two counties and one area' Called the 'love mangosteen' intimate activities to show their courage in seeking true love.

Hengyang City Tourism Bureau forward, Hengshan County deputy secretary, county Qin Frantz, county leaders Jiang Qing, Guoxin Heng, Sheng Xiaoping, Li Yu whole, Ren Zhongyuan, Kuang Zhijun, Liu Yang, Liaowen Wei, Zhou Xiangning attended the event.

Mangosteen village Hengyang beautiful countryside pilot village in Hunan Province and was rated 'beautiful countryside.' In the village leisure tourism as farm income point, highlighting the development of eco-tourism and leisure industry, has introduced lilies, roses sea, peacock breeding base, led more than 100 farmers planting herbs 800 acres, 1200 acres of tea, the output value of tens of millions yuan.

Activities, Hengshan County Deputy Magistrate Liu Yang behalf of the county people's government and Union Hill Comprehensive Agricultural Development Technology Co., Ltd. signed a contract peony cultivation of medicinal herbs and industrial base mangosteen beautiful rural tourism development projects successfully settled in the village. The project will be planted with oil peony mainly ornamental and edible value of 800 acres of rare flowers, the construction of an eco-farm, two water recreation fishing center, and the development cycle track and barbecue, camping base, building a large storage base and office space, to create a after the farm leisure Centre reception completion of the project, rural employment staff can arrange more than 500 people, the annual output value of 20 million yuan.

In recent years, Hengshan county government to hold high the banner of eco-tourism, scientific tourism industry layout, to plan for global tourism, China Xiangjiang modern agricultural industrialization demonstration garden, Journey to the West Mountain Cave, Hengshan bamboo and a number of quality projects have settled in and accelerate the construction at the same time , rural eco-tourism festival continued to be held, tourism popularity and reputation rising, for rural tourism has injected great vitality, became leveraging 'weekend economy' powerful fulcrum.

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Traditional Chinese: 衡山縣舉辦第三屆鄉村生態旅遊節 70名青年現場相親

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