"Greedy thieves" stealing hotel first opened eat ribs vegetables packed away

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March 20 morning, Wang found that self-employed shop theft, not only lost some cash, but Houchu also lost a lot of ingredients. After seeing the store's surveillance video, Mr. Wang dumbfounding, the 'greedy thieves 'after entering the hotel, not only in-store eating and drinking, but also can not be eaten raw chops and vegetables packed away home shabu-shabu. in recent days, located in Shandong Road area more than a series of shop theft, police locked, crime They are the same person.

Hotel Houchu left off, opening the first store to eat

Wang Shandong Road near Ganjingzi run a restaurant. March 20 morning, Mr. Wang came to the hotel and found the shop had been broken signs, shop theft aware, Mr. Wang immediately see the store's cash register , he's not expected, cashier in the remaining three or four hundred coins disappear, but more to his surprise, the store Houchu also lost a lot of ingredients.

Check the store's surveillance video, Mr. Wang is simply dumbfounding. 'Is a young man with a hat, he first forced open the shop, took the cash and then went inside the bar Houchu.' Mr. Wang said surveillance video show, the man came to Houchu see food to eat in the store to eat it, but not directly eat beef, raw pork and vegetables and so on, he is directly loaded into plastic bags away a. Wang estimates, the total loss of the store is about 1,000 yuan.

Theft also owed a gambling debt account, a number of shop theft

After Wang alarm, the area police station involved in the investigation. According to the Police, the past few days, more than Shandong Road near street shops have suffered a burglary. Police retrieved surveillance found that a crime officers are wearing the same clothes, the way exactly the same, it is determined after the same person committing the crime, the police find the suspect in the vicinity launched Mo Pai visited.

April 30 evening, an Internet cafe in the police station, police found the suspect a particular crime. According to a particular account of his own 22-year-old, Hebei people, there is no work because of his gambling, owed more than 10 million gambling debts. this year in February, after a particular came to Dalian, received a noisy phone constantly. in order to pay the bills as soon as possible, he thought only the burglary.

On that day, Wang came after a particular hotel, saw some delicious Houchu could not help directly eat, and get back the raw beef and pork ribs, he returned it after eating hot pot meal. After preliminary police verification, and even a particular month to a total of theft of more than 10 cases, involving more than 30,000 yuan. May 11, on suspicion of theft, has been a particular inspection organs approved the arrest.

Peninsula Morning News, the sea network reporter Man-Sun

(Stringing people: Xu, trail fee: $ 50

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Traditional Chinese: “貪吃賊”飯店盜竊先開吃 排骨青菜打包帶走

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