Weibin District of electronic lending machine services and the opening of micro-channel public service platform

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To meet the public to borrow books digitization trend, to make public cultural services with the intelligent mobile terminal truly ubiquitous service, enjoy portable features. Recently, Weibin District Library through innovative mode of operation, the use of modern scientific and technical means, successfully launched electronic lending up service and micro-channel public service platform.

The opening of the electronic machines preloaded with 2000 kinds of borrowing an exclusive license genuine books, covering classics, more than 10 species administered by financial, military political history, literature, art, science and technology, social and legal, to achieve the e-books and publishing paper media book released simultaneously updated in real time. eBook lending machine operated by multi-touch, the reader only with your fingers gently touch the image on the display module can be achieved on a host of operations, it can also be a smart phone or other mobile Superstar mobile terminal after download and install the client libraries, e-book lending machine on the screen to select your favorite books, book cover scan two-dimensional code can be downloaded to the phone book, to achieve free high-definition electronic reading experience. at the same time, Weibin District the Library also opened a micro-channel service platform for readers to create a convenient and efficient service channel. (Zhang Jun

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Traditional Chinese: 渭濱區開通電子借閱機服務及微信公眾服務平臺

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