About Shenzhen Children's Park on May 30 to May 31 to suspend play equipment and opening announcement

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Source: Shenzhen City Administration to provide information Date: 2016-05-23 [Content Correction]

Dear Guest:

Shenzhen Children's Park play equipment operating units of the original contract will expire on May 31, the new operating unit will be successful June 1 admission for all services. To ensure the smooth transfer of the old and new operating units, ensuring new units entering the security and orderly operation after play equipment, children's playground decide May 30 (Monday 31 May (Tuesday, amusement park equipment temporarily closed for two days. in addition to play equipment, park normally open. '61' children's play park equipment normal operation.

Special announcement

Shenzhen Children's Park

May 23, 2016

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Traditional Chinese: 關於深圳市兒童樂園關於5月30日至5月31日遊樂設備暫停開放的公告

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