US review of the civil service "circle of friends"

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Tang Wei

There is a saying called:. '! Want to know a person, to see his circle of friends.' Now we all like something right brush circle of friends, update about the status of few words, a person's character and the secret is likely to be on the sidelines who spy or two. so, the federal government is also eyeing the universal circle of friends. Director of national Intelligence James Clapper has announced review of the circle of friends, will become a new civil service hiring security measures (microblogging) ago. (May 19 >> << legal Evening News

Zhu near the red, doubts nothing. In principle the circle of people in groups, staring civil servants 'circle of friends' and has a reality and necessity to review them. American review of the measures, out of national security purposes, to prevent improper civil servants friends, by the influence of friends, or with spyware and other close contacts, leading to state secrets and endanger national security. At the same time, the new recruits a 'circle of friends review' can be achieved Sources control, the opportunity to prevent some undesirable elements entering into the organs of state power, and to grasp the core secrets.

As a comprehensive management and control measures to review the civil service 'circle of friends' whose function is clearly not so simple, for the prevention and control of corruption of civil servants, bound by their professional conduct, ethics, also has an irreplaceable role. Post good friend a lifetime, post loss . friends may regret a lifetime 'circle of friends' influence, many case illustrates many of the sacked officials, who did not follow the 'a tragic childhood - a struggling middle-aged - a miserable old age,' the path: on their own tireless efforts to reach the pinnacle of his career, but because of the wrong friends and become corrupt, not in order to maintain the 'beginning of the heart do not change.' after so often sacked, burst into tears and remorse, blame themselves for 'the wrong friends and finally killed, 'naturally, this is advising people to' be careful friends, pay real friends. '

There famously said:... Make friends will choose Katsumi who speak consistently explored the benefits too arrogant obscene sex, leaders evil person, bad friends is also a gentleman and a gentleman with a fellow friend, a gentleman and a gentleman with the same benefit as a friend and friends peer pay, whichever is only long, excluding the short how careful friends, pay close friends, critical friends to pay, in addition to its strict control, with the help of an external constraint is also essential, 'good officers eight hours outside the pipe,' the mind is also here, but just a matter of control, without the advance prevention, in particular the establishment of a mechanism can operate, then manage the 'circle of friends' would be difficult to achieve.

Civil servants are a special kind of profession, was close watch 'circle of friends' with public property, as part of the inevitable rights practitioners to give up. In other words, the basic obligation is to be fulfilled, not only to give account to the public in form, but also help the formation of the civil service protection. in one sense, only the assignment of the rights of the more civil servants, then it was also more effective supervision. it is clear that the United States review of the civil service 'circle of friends' approach is to follow the highest public interest principle, public officials and the strictest control. on the one hand, to strengthen the civil servants of the new circle of friends review, doubt or circle of friends impure, should distinguish and identify, on the other hand, with the circle of friends expansion and changes, the circle of friends of the review should also be done on a regular basis, of the instant.

US review of the civil service 'circle of friends' approach is certainly not copy from, but there are many worthy learn from, such as the reasonableness of its purpose measures and means of legitimacy, it is worthy of serious study and analysis. Domestic ' circle of friends review 'mode, not necessarily limited to the level of national security, out of management, education, discipline and supervision of civil servants reality, should expand the scope of the civil service management, keep an eye on his person at the time, and stare its tight circle of friends, so that it can supervise the formation of force, so that the power of prison cage up. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 美國審查公務員“朋友圈”

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