"Aspirations to the world" tour hand-depth evaluation: Non-krypton can normally play

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Krypton krypton or not

As hand travel krypton gold seems to be the topic can not hide forever. As game developers, they do not make money in Fig what? As a player, will spend money for what kind of game? Many games of all vapid rich game content, and interlocking story of the game, allowing players to get stuck in a lot of arcade games, the micro-krypton or krypton zero players are players beating and hanging by a variety of local tyrants, other card games in the difficulty of the game gradient large, often you can on an laughing, the next level of play was wiped out enemy generals, this persecution forced the players to upgrade equipment Khorium behavior often allow players to resentment, and even a lot of games in the apparent position of the main interface standard on the player's fighting, fighting and what about these? krypton about how much gold!

<< >> Aspirations to the world is a not included generals and equipment being Tucao a thousand times soul cartridge system, pay players can buy more physical, faster upgrade this point is understandable, it emphasizes the game more or generals mix of civilian choice even zero krypton players as stand-alone game play can still find their own place in the world in the game.

The game also retains the card game in ten even common pumping system, so that ingot Seeking lottery every 48 hours to extract a free, ten even pumping must generals, visiting celebrities is gold lottery ten times must Majestic for Majestic Tucao by the players is currently one of the largest props, assembly of 999 randomly get a golden staff, for ordinary players, nearly 9KW elusive gold investment for Tyrant players why waste this 9KW gold. so this point is very tasteless.

Overall, aspirations to the world << >> hand travel is for a zero or slightly krypton krypton players very friendly game, as the theme of a three card hand travel, it can do commendable rich game content, late play diverse, for the players, do not worry about things to do, more time to consider exactly how physically allocated.

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Traditional Chinese: 《問鼎天下》手遊深度評測:非氪也能正常玩

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