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Correspondent Sun Wentao Yang Yumei at 5:00 on May 14, the county Public Security Bureau 110 command center received a public warning, said Riverside Park on fire. Fire site is located in Riverside Park playground monument sealing edge, usually for children to play recreational electric the cars are on fire. after the fire brigade and police station joint efforts, the fire was quickly extinguished, but the site of recreational electric vehicles were burned, the scene estimated loss of up to 5 million yuan.

According to fire brigade site survey determined: arson fires should proceed immediately east of the city police station to investigate the case quickly transfer to the County Public Security Bureau police combat information center, the police will conduct combined operations through on-site monitoring than the surrounding... and visits to the surrounding masses, the suspect identity gradually surfaced. May 15 morning, the police through the night squat, the suspect in a rented house just outside the door of the home of Xu caught.

Xu, male, 41-year-old, who Xinchang, Xinchang usually in a brick work. According to his account, at 3:00 on May 14 more minutes, because I could not sleep, he was a man wandering the streets in Xinchang, you can see the point of things go with a lighter point. on the road, he saw a piece of clothing, to pick up clothes and lit the trash, but the fire did not spread. after sealing monument Riverside Park side when the playground, he saw a large tarpaulin covered a bunch of things, with a lighter and lit the corner of linoleum, and then hastily left the scene. As for the later things which burned down, he knew nothing. May 16, 'backfire' Xu was Xinchang police criminal detention.

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Traditional Chinese: 他燒了遊樂車也“燒”了自己

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