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When another year rhythm Yin, 2016 European brands and marketing research industry summit on May 22 to 23 in Frankfurt, Germany held the summit, Ali and travel organizers Eastsong signed a strategic cooperation. As Europe's largest shopping, tour guide, travel terrestrial integrated services platform, Eastsong and Ali travel together, travel together to explore new knowledge with the major European luxury brands and top tourist industry elite, and the Imagination 'Ali trips to Europe with my line' program.

This is following through after beating Singapore, two major US overseas destinations, travel global distribution Ali landed an important draw for Europe Vice President Ali travel east section describes the winter as Alibaba's comprehensive online travel service platform, expectations and Ali travel many European local resources, travel-service providers together, integrating a variety of tourism resources to provide first-hand to Europe travelers, local travel products and services.

Also in recent days, Ali travel just with world's second largest theme park operator Merlin Group, the British company reached a strategic cooperation. Bringing in, going out, entire areas, the international strategy of continuous radiation Ali travel in Europe.

British Merlin hand

Ali is traveling overseas and more resources to carry out the comprehensive cooperation to create the most comprehensive and intimate travel experience for Chinese tourists by way of direct marketing.

Merlin Group will be in the forefront. Merlin owns Legoland, Madame Tussauds, the London Eye and other well-known products, and has a number of Underwater World aquarium or park in Europe. Madame Tussauds have four in China and Shanghai Changfeng ocean World, the resort is about a further touch of Chinese tourists through the Internet.

The end of May, Merlin's flagship stores such as Madame Tussauds and the winds will continue to shop at the aquarium Ali travel platform. In addition to the flagship store to provide hundreds of millions of consumers to book tickets, the two sides will carry out more line under the brand on-line interaction. Madame Tussauds wax figure unveiled new first time will also travel through Ali platform to interact with consumers.

Ali travel coincided with popular 'big 6.1 Shucu season,' Madame Tussauds shop that is launched 'SHE wax figure unveiling cum fan meeting' ticket buying activities, and launched the 'girlfriends' travel deals on this basis.

Ali travel technology innovation 'future resort' is also expected to fall in Merlin's resort. Starting from China, good credit users to 'future resort' when the play, as long as one day in advance reservation at Ali travel client with the obtained two-dimensional code scan code directly in the entrance area to the park, the ticket money will be automatically deducted from the PayPal account after admission.

As more people online consumption habits, people can not see the European retail platform in Shanghai Amoy Alibaba, Ali or traveling on European partners such as Merlin's attractions flagship store to buy entrance tickets by physical electricity service providers electricity supplier to become a trend in the future will be a seamless connection between China and the world.

'Ali trips to Europe with my line.'

Rich tourism resources in Europe is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Chinese tourists Ali Alibaba desired travel retail platform 423 million active users with more high-quality resources of the European business, tourism service providers, 'close contact.'

Bringing at the same time, Ali did not forget to go out and travel. For many have never been to Europe Chinese tourists, Chinese tour guides is their perception of Europe windows, Ali put the best local travel guides and services to Chinese tourists.

The Eastsong connected to more than 10,000 European tour, has more than 1,000 stores and Cooperation in Europe, including Richemont (world's second largest luxury goods company, Vacheron Constantin and Cartier belonging to its subsidiaries, the Swatch Group, LVMH and the mall chains, apparel consumer platform Ali travel just to build a bridge a tour guide, service providers and visitors seamlessly connected.

Eastsong president Wang Gang said that through cooperation with Ali travel, in addition to the two sides to give consumers better quality services, including guided tours, including, but also hope that brands can better showcase the brand to go out and get more Chinese tourists and recognition favor.

Europe various 'fair price' luxury brand to attract Chinese tourists to travel with Eastsong Ali hand in hand, in the strong purchasing power of Chinese tourists links with major brands, but also look forward to helping upgrade the line brands and services, tourists Hearty 'overseas purchase.' with the deepening of cooperation, Alibaba Group affiliate ant financial services Group's Alipay, layout more scenes in Europe.

How to buy overseas demand precise user drainage to local stores, how to better take them to local travel, how to experience more comfortable, convenient, and high-quality partners by hand, consumers enjoy one-stop service, which are in Ali Lazi strategic layout planning travel in Europe among Interested consumers travel to Europe, Ali travel platform for its recommended one-stop destination for product and service information. By the time consumers really travel in Europe, travelers will combine their in-depth Ali mining and integrate local tourism resources for its European Customer Care.

Paragraph winter East presentation, Internet-based platform, Ali travel through the new mode destination partner program and 'Future Hotel,' 'future area,' and so on, to get through online and offline service, will Europe build a further full channel (O2O Travel Destinations .

Construction of a large ecological tours

Close to Southeast Asia, Europe and as far away as in recent years, they are more and more popular overseas destination for Chinese tourists. China has become the world's largest exporter of outbound tourists. Ali first came to travel baryons in these hot countries and regions, from Singapore, the United States, to Europe, Japan and South Korea, like travel around the same convenient than simply sell travel products, but to build more overseas tourist destination floor service centers, creating travel overseas tour Ali users.

In Europe, for example, there is a demand for economic strength and tourists should travel vacation Ali chain derivatives to local consumer demands in.

With the advent of mass tourism, the needs of tourists in fact more and more personalized, diversified, too many fragmentation products and services scattered in various overseas destinations, the current Chinese tourists overseas travel convenience and satisfaction is still great room for improvement. Ali travel to overseas destinations core as a base, and then to build and service the whole big ecological tourism, so as to include overseas destinations, including the service system to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

Backed by a large ecological Ali, Ali cloud build, Alipay, Taobao, sesame and other multiple credit potential, Ali travel to various quality resources providers and Chinese tourists travel itinerary seamless and wish to get through, forming a true consumer chain of the tourism industry closed loop.

Is committed to promoting sales by the online travel service industry to upgrade the service, Ali travel in early 2016 launched 100,000 Partner Program, from domestic to international, from the introduction to go out, and the playing surface from the point through the destination, is continuing to enhance the consumer experience, eventually the whole territory of the layout at home and abroad whole industry chain strategy.

Ali travel global strategy is to accelerate the penetration. Industry analysts believe that the current online travel industry, holiday areas are the most difficult to mark the most complex product of a most promising area, Ali is determined to travel in this area to meet the diverse needs of consumers , open up the tourism industry chain and seize the market opportunity, the war has just started, the future worth looking forward to.

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