Libo Dayaoshan immigrants "rice culture" eat more fragrant

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Xinhua Guiyang, May 23 (by correspondent Mo Xiong amount of light Guizhou Bai Ku Yao more live in Qiannan Libo County, most of them living in remote and mountainous areas of northwestern Guangxi stone border, the living environment is very bad in wrestling with the natural environment and difficult lives, Bai Ku Yao created its own unique culture.

'Dayaoshan want to see the national culture, I do not know how to go?' In recent years, tourists this one questioning in Libo guide Mengmi beads ears rang I do not know how many times. However, 'as long as the tourists need is ears from the calluses, I will take them to see. '

Libo County Immigration transferred as director on just any Dayaoshan Yao Township party secretary Mo bearing industry told reporters: 'not to Libo Dayaoshan, equal to not see the national culture, and to the village Dayaoshan no to immigration, equal to not see the change Dayaoshan. '

According to reports, Dayaoshan are poor, because the land is barren, the concept behind, but poverty does not mean they do not have culture. On the contrary, because behind as poor, less contact with the outside world, cultural practices and heritage preservation is relatively intact, instead, become the tourists to pursue the goal of becoming popular tourist treasures.

'First Yao, after North Korea.' This sentence is Dayaoshan people's self-confidence. They just seem a little slower evolution, many customs seem still remain in the original state of society. For example, they are still left with the matriarchal society to a patriarchal Social and cultural information society transition phase. each household has put in front of all female genital symbol, the middle of a round hole in the stone, and often respect for wine and meat.

Embroidered trousers finger bloodstain is Dayaoshan man's features. Dayaoshan women dress features more prominent, they use one after the two pieces of cloth very casually draped over the shoulder, but nothing to wear inside, side Browse female breasts looming, once bent over, will be able to view the full demonstrated. 'Bai Ku Yao women do not cover the breasts, wearing not on lust, but rather on the supremacy of maternal and reproductive worship.' Yao cultural studies expert MO Xiong Liang said.

However, in tourism development, these seemingly primitive, closed production and lifestyle, has become a rare bright spot to attract tourists.

The relative concentration of immigrants in Dayaoshan pull tab village, I spent nearly two hours walking in a circle, went still intact, 'Bai Ku Yao' original folk customs and residential buildings, even new immigrants rooms also mimics the more ethnic style, and the local folk customs of weddings and other more colorful. then there is a unique style of grain warehouses, and other buildings on stilts cultures, two suits, pants and other clothing culture fingers bloodstain and almost everyone a gyroscope, a bronze drum and other sports a culture, indeed had admired, had 'new light.'

County Immigration Secretary Mo bearing industry reports, Yao Dayaoshan batik, embroidery has been listed as a national intangible cultural heritage, has been encouraged by monkeys as Intangible Cultural protected object province.

Early immigrants to understand the pull of Yao Ji young men and women, many people have joined the company specializes in cultural performances for tourists, and after intensive training by now, their performance gyro and folk dance has been known, also had several representatives participated in Guizhou various domestic and international sports and dance performances, and the gold medal award-gyro project now Dayaoshan Yao, can already be said that the 'Chinese champion gyro town.'

In recent years, the immigration department Libo County in remote mountains, rocky mountains Yao poor people migrated to the village government - after the pull-tab village, township government to actively guide the masses to 'eat rice culture,' 'eat rice tourism.'

Some people have been relying on Yao ancient, ancient, mysterious ethnic customs, and actively developing the national culture tourism, making tourism a meteoric rise in many industries, the township has become another new pillar industry. Wedding performances, funeral demonstration, practice diet, clothing display, sports athletics, especially the most adept 'monkey dance' 'hunting dance' and 'Yao gyro athletics,' so that tourists are happy not think of returning home. Yao immigrants show tickets only income, but also by catering, accommodation and selling souvenirs increased revenue .

While another part of the Yao Migrants, the slash and burn out the extensive mode of production, under the guidance of technical personnel, improve the level of embroidery, carving level, level of processing, production Yao strap, clothing, belts, drums, gyroscope to a large seven-hole door Xiaoqi Kong scenic set up their stalls for visitors to purchase.

County Immigration Secretary Mo bearing industry said that by directing several years, Yao immigrants production model has been completely changed, income increased significantly, the spirit of a new look. At present, Yao Shan tab village has become a national cultural tourism, rural tourism experience ethnic customs travel over land. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 荔波瑤山移民“文化飯”越吃越香

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