ICBC credit card limit is not enough how to do

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Evidence of assets more fully as possible

For the first time, apply for credit cards 'rookie' class, the staff believes the construction of Industrial and Commercial Bank customers can call the customer service line application can also provide more proof of financial resources to the issuing by the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Industrial and Commercial Bank outlets accept transfer amount, but remember to be fully prepared all kinds of proof of assets, because when you do not have any records of consumer credit, ICBC decided to give you much credit, you have to see the results of your assessment of the situation of the various assets. If you want to credit a substantial increase in the time of application , or to carefully prepare a variety of credit documents down. take proof of income, proof of property rights, proof of purchase mortgage, car ownership certificates, certificates of deposit, etc. all ICBC submitted to the Industrial and Commercial bank of China. Do not be bothered, because the full material it means that the more you can successfully apply to high credits.

Increase the frequency of credit card

Credit card spending, does not mean mindless consumption, capacity within the allowable range, determine repayment guarantee. So credit card to buy things as much as possible, would be a good strategy to improve the credit limit. Staff GF Industrial and Commercial Bank, said credit card customers to increase frequency , can easily prove this card is often used at the same time, the amount of monthly credit card approaching or exceeding quota. this is to tell you ICBC credit card limit is true enough. in this case, it is likely ICBC also will take the initiative to inform you that 'can enhance the credit limit.' and by the Industrial and Commercial Bank initiative to invite to mention the amount, to enhance the range generally even higher.

To maintain a good credit record

As the saying goes, 'good by good also, to borrow is not difficult.' Staff Construction Industrial and Commercial Bank, said credit card customers in the process, to try to full repayment, minimum payments will affect your financial ICBC assessment more late payments do not, if you have a record of late payments, ICBC is generally not take the initiative to give you the amount. to know the cardholder's credit history as a personal credit situation is good or bad a 'business card ', recorded details of the cardholder card information. Once the credit blemishes generation of future mortgage, car loan, and even education, work will have a great impact.

Take the initiative to apply

Generally improves credit card limit is divided into two types, in addition to ICBC automatic upgrade, the cardholder can also learn to take the initiative. Head of the Postal Savings and Commercial Bank Industrial and Commercial Bank Cards Department, said many cardholders had to apply for cards only meet the lower limit of the condition, but with the improvement of income, assets, and can obtain a higher amount, but I do not know, that amount has not changed. in fact, the cardholder is able to take the initiative, the normal after six months using a credit card, the cardholder will be able to take the initiative to make an application or service by phone to adjust the line of credit in writing. under normal circumstances, the Industrial and Commercial Bank will be reviewed after the cardholder spending records and credit history, you can improve customer within a certain range the credit line.

Consider temporary emergency credit

The so-called afraid of ten thousand afraid of the event. Who is not an urgent thing, when suddenly to an emergency, temporary quota administration is particularly important. Construction workers ICBC introduced to apply for a temporary amount is very square Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 工商銀行信用卡額度不夠用該怎麽辦

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