Cause Jinan three years was actually 1261 deaths did not wear a helmet

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Dazhong Jinan, May 23 (Reporter HEHUI correspondent Yang Hau Fook afternoon, Jinan traffic police detachment announced the 2013 to 2015 three years involving motorcycles, electric car traffic accident data. 3 years, Jinan City, there were related traffic accidents (general procedure accidents since 7864, resulting in 8835 people were injured, 1261 people were killed. police suggest that the death of more than 1,200 people, nearly 9 in Chengdu is because they do not wear safety helmets, people ride electric vehicles on the road should also wear helmets.

Motorcycles, electric car accident three years more than 1,200 deaths accounted for almost half of the death toll

According to data released this afternoon, Jinan traffic police detachment, the 2013 to 2015 program three years generally relates to motorcycles, electric cars Jinan City there were traffic accidents since 7864, resulting in 8835 people were injured, 1261 people were killed. Among them, the 4330 motorcycle accident , the death of 775 people, injured 4979 people, the electric car accident 3534, the death of 441 people and injuring 3856 people.

Cause Jinan three years was actually 1261 deaths did not wear a helmet

Analysis of the traffic police said the driver of the motorcycle and electric bicycle traffic are all vulnerable, in a road accident basically no protection, once the accident occurred casualty rate is high, while the number of deaths of these two modes of transportation, the total number of deaths in traffic accidents also accounts for almost five percent.

Fatal accident without a helmet nearly 9 percent electric bike should wear

Jinan traffic police analysis of the last three years of the city electric car and motorcycle fatalities find driving motorcycles and electric cars cause of death is head traumatic brain injury. This is mainly due to the driver not wearing a safety helmet or are not required to wear safety helmet caused.

Statistics show that nearly three years, accidents involving motorcycle deaths, the number is not required to wear or not wear a safety helmet head injury caused by the 89.02% of the total number of deaths, fatal accidents involving electric vehicles, do not wear or the number is not required to wear safety helmets induced brain injury deaths 85.49% of the total number of deaths.

Another large study data show that motorcycle safety helmet can reduce the risk of head injury 72% and 39% of the risk of death, the appropriate medical care costs will be reduced. Bike helmet can reduce the risk of head injury 69% and 79% of the risk of severe brain damage.

As of the end of April this year, Jinan City, motorcycle ownership is 94,520, while the electric bike almost every family, everyone riding, for their own lives and safety of others, Jinan traffic police to remind these two types of vehicle driver must wear safety helmet.

Pedal half-hour ride over seven kilometers considered most electric vehicles currently on the road exceeded

In the general procedure involving electric vehicles accidents, many electric cars party will face a problem: their vehicles belonging to the vehicle was identified because, according to the relevant national standard, a vehicle belonging to two electric cars or mopeds. car, drive power is not completely divided.

In GB, the 'moped' standard is: no matter what kind of drive way, the maximum design speed of not more than 50 kilometers and as the use of engine displacement of not more than 50mL, such as the use of electric drive is not greater than the sum of the maximum output power 4kW. the 'electric bicycle' technical performance requirements: the maximum speed of not more than 20 km, vehicle weight of not more than 40 kg, the motor rated continuous output power less than 240W and must have a good foot riding function for 30 minutes. foot travel distance should be no less than 7 kilometers.

According to this criteria for the classification of all currently does not have a foot riding function of the 'electric car' is actually on the road should be counted as mopeds. Even some small electric car can do a half-hour ride seven kilometers, the maximum speed basically they have more than 20 kilometers. If strict identification of these electric vehicles are considered mopeds, which is part of the motor vehicle. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 濟南三年1261人死亡 原因竟是沒戴頭盔

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