Chengdu Jing Rong Chong town customer service center official "overseas service"

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China Overseas Network May 19 (by Xu Yang Yi Liu Yuzhuo) 19 am, 'overseas service station,' awarding ceremony held in the town of Pixian Jing Rong Chong customer service center. 'Overseas service station' Chengdu Municipal Foreign Affairs Office to build grass-roots platform for overseas service, which will be set up in Sichuan Overseas departments and overseas Chinese, returned overseas returnees and entrepreneurs to communicate and interact to create a good platform.

It is understood, Jing Rong Chong customer service center by the town of Pixian led the formation of government services do Gen Customer Service Center building area of about 400 square meters, divided into business consulting service area, approval of service area, a guest tea and Syria exchange financial area, and self service area four functional areas, a total of foreground window 10, two back-office area, and line up with the information terminal to take a number of convenience, information, self-service shopping facilities, LED TV, desktop electronic screens.

'Overseas service stations.' Jing Rong town will facilitate the establishment of overseas Chinese, returned overseas Chinese back to settle centralized processing, 'three overseas students' all kinds of bonus Sheqiao service matters. Meanwhile, the Overseas Chinese station will also provide policy advice to clients, Sheqiao legal affairs handling and other services.

According to reports, Chengdu, Foreign Affairs Office also published << returnees entrepreneurs to return and work life management guide >> run on a workstation, providing foreign exchange domestic driver's license driver's license for clients, health care and other social security contributions more guide services. At the same time, with the increase service content, Chengdu Foreign Affairs office will also continue to create customer service center window, staff training, and constantly meet the needs of the service object. (End) Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 成都菁蓉小鎮創客服務中心正式“為僑服務”

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