And know almost Nutshell, Live, line and points A: Feelings contrast, only frustration

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And know almost Nutshell, Live, line and points A: Feelings contrast, only frustration

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May 14, held the third in the know almost 'Salt Club', the founder Zhou source site released a new product known peace - the 'know almost Live' Coincidentally, just a few days after the husk. its line also launched a lightweight application, called 'sub answer.' because the two products are 'sharing knowledge' and 'knowledge realizable' exploration, for a time in the technology industry triggered widespread hot.

In fact, know almost two and a Nutshell As the knowledge of the community, has been introduced that is has been a number of media attention, but also 'how to cash' in the subject they are often challenged. Today, they launched the product it is 'about time content realized experiment ', triggering widespread and heated debate also comes naturally.

Well, Live with points A, this 'knowledge sharing' mode can go far? Husk and almost conceivable, as the largest two knowledge community, whether out of the commercial situation? Today, as the two earlier users, but also to talk about the community at large in my opinion.

Live, line and points A: Knowledge Sharing bottleneck

In recent years, the economy has become increasingly popular to share great potential for development and the imagination of the 'starting point.' For example, Uber and Airbnb are brought change impact for the taxi industry and the hotel industry, but also let us see the share economy on a sustainable business model on the possibility of the construction.

In this context, we know almost launched Live, Nutshell launched a line and points A, three caught on a 'knowledge' as the 'subject' of the paid share economic model. For these experts in their fields, is undoubtedly a very good platform, because they can use their free time to 'knowledge' is realized. the key is, 'knowledge' not only in the school of 'tuition' comes in the form of exchange reflect its value, but it has begun to enter the 'market' exchange, market acceptance of the 'pricing' of.

To be honest, both Uber and Airbnb This material resources sharing mode or Live with points A, row this knowledge resource sharing model, she played a real 'Internet +' role in addressing social inequalities in resources, information right and so on. so, from the 'ideal value', the sharing economy is worthy of recognition.

However, the 'ideal' does not mean 'reality.' Economic society by the 'people' dominated, instead of 'resources.' Any 'Resources' exchange, are inseparable from the people. The 'man' is precisely the most unruly class of 'species', everyone has their own 'ideas' and 'interests' everyone every day for their own interests 'game.' Therefore, in such a complex economic and social, economic sharing hardly about to 'people'.

Well-known IT critic Keso to share in the economic border << >> article expressed its views on the share of the economy. He believes that 'the combined effect of two factors, will lead to economic share soon arrived its borders. One benefit from sharing economy, more and more people would be more willing to buy the right to use resources, rather than buying the ownership of resources, which will lead to no material resources can be shared, and the other is human nature seeks profit result professional service providers will gradually out of the amateur service providers, who make a living out of sharing, in the process continue to reduce costs in order to maximize revenue. '

No doubt, Keso to the point. In fact, the share of economic representatives, Uber and drops many drivers now has a 'professional', now we do express train or car, it is difficult to see the 'use of leisure time pull live owners 'of. Moreover, frequent' car driver crime ', also shows the' bad money chase good money 'this inference (of course, it also relates to the platform review, regulatory and other issues. so, you will find that we are seeing now shared economic platform, in fact, has deviated from its 'First heart' - make an inventory of idle resources of social, economic surplus and activation, which not only failed to achieve the original purpose, but also brought some new columns question - audit, regulatory, and security.

So, based on this logic, we will look at Live, line A and points. These three products in the line is the introduction of the earliest and most mature of when Nutshell just launched it, also caused extensive round hot, and indeed attracted a large number of industries 'experts' assigned to sell their 'time', however, a long time, 'experts' can sell very little time - several of my friends settled in line, now basically should be about not met. they explained to me that since the beginning of 'fun', so should be able to squeeze a little time to talk about, but over time, curiosity did not, there would be no 'squeeze time 'the power.

In addition to 'experts' This is no time factor, there is also a crucial factor - whether the line charge, or Live and points A, they require 'knowledge seekers' to 'share' fee but 'share. who 'belong to a general field of' experts 'itself is the' elites 'and' knowledge seekers 'belonging to the ordinary general practitioner. income before and after comparison of the two is very obvious, now it requires a general practitioner to the industry elite who pays 'buy' knowledge, in fact, for most ordinary practitioners, it is difficult. Moreover, the Chinese people have never had to pay for the knowledge of habit.

Therefore, it is conceivable, Live, rows and divided A fact, the last week has become difficult to source and Ji thirteen desired look. As Keso said, '(if there really is an expert in the row through densely frequently betrayed time make money, I guess it becomes another thing, neither sharing economy is not working platform, I do not know what to call it, I just know it will be psychological masseur, relationship experts, entrepreneurs universal expert mentors, career planners, health guru like the occupation. '

And know almost Nutshell: Feelings of helplessness under

As early users know and almost Nutshell, I really like these two platforms. Unlike their acquaintances WeChat kidnapping, but also different microblogging information complex. They are strangers to one kind of knowledge exchange between the main platform, a certain mechanism to the center, so that the relative equality among community users.

And, whether it is known or virtually husk, they are limiting users' marketing behavior. 'Although peace has been known to have a large V violations involved, but once found marketing practices, will know almost relentless treatment, or even titles. Of course, this husk is, at least so far, I have heard very little of its platform 'marketing case.'

Obviously, at the product level, and know almost husk is very 'Passion', this 'feeling' has also been injected into their community management, even the hearts of users.

However, we jump out of view, and know almost husk after all, is a commercial product, they need to commercialize need profit is the only way they can achieve greater development and upside - even to maintain the operation by investment, investors also need to see a return on investment.

Of course, this is the source and Ji thirteen weeks is also very clear, so the past few years and know almost Nutshell both trying to commercialization.

Before 'line' shell network has launched Mu class, small egg air purifiers, prepare pregnant App 'Graduate' Gender exchange App 'intellectual', a beauty App, etc. To be honest, for a venture companies short time to launch so many products, already a lot.

'Now look back at the early days, the main problem is that they are completely do not understand the business, and take a lot of detours.' Ji thirteen admitted in an interview with Nanfang Daily << >> Reporter interview. He also said shell network has an internal innovation hatching pond, innovation Council has also set up. 'any person who has a good idea, as long as innovation adopted by the Commission, are trying to develop.' obviously, Nutshell desire for commercial imagined.

Similarly, we know almost before the 'Live', also has many commercial attempt in December 2013, in the United States know almost corporation launched << online business, we know almost nothing to talk? >> Publishing crowdfunding, quotas 1,000 per person to spend 99 yuan can become the book 'joint publisher', was printed with his own signature collection version of the book on the cover of the book cover. Thereafter, know almost have assembled published other books. Interestingly, through crowdfunding first edition, and users know almost did not get high returns.

Crowdfunding first edition, which is known almost Release value peace, Live outside the product more influential. Apart from this, there are some that know almost advertising products, such as banner ads, and know almost daily 'ad here 'column. However, generally know almost ad will be clearly marked, this should be known almost worried about the impact the user experience of a compromise approach. but this advertising model would seem very simple, but not for profit.

Indeed, over the past few years, and know almost Nutshell has not found a suitable own business model from advertising to crowdfunding book, to the current 'knowledge realizable', it is very difficult to prop up the real future of these two platforms even, previous analysis of the 'knowledge realizable' model, with the 'bad money chase good money' trend will also affect the user experience community, which in turn is the source and Ji thirteen week do not want to see.

So, we know almost with Nutshell, in order to hold the 'feelings', but also to achieve 'realization', really hard. Because, after all, feelings are feelings, helpless in the face of reality is very, very pale.

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