Police man accidentally dropped from a height when the job opened up a green channel hospital

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May 23 at 10 am, Xuzhou Drum Tower five traffic police brigade squadron commander Li Hongchun Samsung are on patrol near the island, a van traveling north to south over and see a police car, a man ran out of the car and hurried to the police help that the car has injured patients in urgent need to send the nearest hospital for treatment, requested the police to help lead the way.

See man anxious look, the police said nothing, immediately launched a police car, lights turned on, with the vehicle whistle all the way to the First People's Hospital recently drove Despite motorcades, but cars on the road than slow order do not delay the disease, while the police by calling 701 total units, a request to release the Green Wave, while propaganda along the way, the police do the job request traffic control work, which would have been required to make a 25-minute journey took only five minutes to reach the hospital.

To the hospital, the doctor is ready at the door collusion work the injured covered in blood, his father, wept over, making it impossible to get off. The doctor will assist police injured sent to the emergency room. The understanding of the injured Liu is in the field people, morning during high-altitude operations, accidentally falling down from the sky, immediately bled. the injured are to rescue in. (Liu pool)

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Traditional Chinese: 男子作業時不慎從高處掉落 民警開辟綠色通道送醫

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