Oculus Rift to update anti-crack but was completely cracked

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Oculus companies are still significant for its Oculus Rift VR head capacity issues big headache on one side and a number of developers who do not let it worry recently Oculus Oculus Rift companies launched a software upgrade, HTC Vive prevent users play Oculus exclusive game. I did not expect, the developers say this upgrade allows Oculus stores easier to break up.

Oculus Rift to update anti-crack but was completely cracked

A network called Libre VR developers made Revive software, the purpose is to make HTC Vive able to run those stores Oculus exclusive application. After the Oculus company released an update that despite Revive temporary failure, but it soon Libre VR restore the function, but actually there are new breakthroughs.

Libre VR in an interview, said: 'The initial version of the Revive just use Oculus Runtime and compile it so that it can accept calls OpenVR new version of ...... Revive use similar means to shift the ownership checks Oculus store together bypasses let ownership checks after losing the role of the game can no longer recognize you legally own the game. '

In other words, it is to break the Oculus games as possible. According Libre VR argument, if not the Oculus company launched this update, he has no way to bypass the DRM check it.

This time the event to some extent Oculus themselves have a responsibility long before the Oculus Rift sale, big mouth who's founder Palmer Luckey wantonly published in various statements, among them 'I do not mind people buy after the Oculus Rift will be how to modify it take to use on other devices. 'this sentence clearly remember what .Libre VR Luckey this sentence, began production of Revive now Oculus Rift was cracked, the official emergency hurried repair, although the idea is excusable, but their attitudes before and after the relative ratio of two, became the butt of jokes is inevitable.

In contrast, HTC Vive is located Steam VR platform from the outset to support Oculus Rift, rather 'compete with established contractors' means.

However, Libre VR also because progress along a bit too terrified he posted on the Internet, said: 'This is my first successful bypass the DRM, I really do not want to continue to go along this road I still do not support piracy. Do not use this technique to crack on piracy. '

Oculus Rift updated on May 19, 2016 version 1.4, a major update to optimize performance, increase stability and enhance the positioning accuracy of the sensor. Although the official did not say so, but this update people found Revive well spent, according to Oculus statement issued after the update is to prevent piracy, protection of those 'developers worked hard to create games and applications' and that 'is not directed against a particular crack behavior,' but no matter how you think, that are directed at Revive come.

So Libre VR is how I think of it, he said: 'This approach prevents those who do not use pirated buy Oculus Rift, but can not prevent the Oculus Rift users use pirated.' The expert is not satire Oculus the company actually put myself to sell equipment?

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Traditional Chinese: Oculus Rift為反破解更新 反而被徹底破解

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