Baidu Star Line was first held under Hackathon Fun unique programming experience

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Following the recent Baidu and Xi'an Jiaotong University to start 'to build large data AI elite class' formal cooperation projects signed recently Baidu Star borrowed pole 515 West Jiaotong University organized a day-off opportunity 'elite class & Baidu Star offline Hackathon 'competition and get students actively involved in support of thumbs up, eventually to a successful end.

I remember someone once said:. 'A real soldier was not on the battlefield, a programmer, if not participated in Hackathon, presumably meaning how are almost' Indeed, the programmers have a more or less 'Code change the world' idealism, but in reality the Hackathon is as subtle battle again and again, thinking, inspiration in a very short limited time is hugely magnified, the collision of a wide variety of spark, even if the body extremely tired, but still so excitement, perhaps this is the Hackathon charm.

Baidu Star Line was first held under Hackathon Fun unique programming experience

It is worth mentioning is that this elite squad under Baidu Star Line & Hackathon competition, the elite class of all students pass through Baidu first class platform to watch the algorithm contest entry by the algorithm contest Baidu has extensive experience in the technical explanation of the large coffee course, explain what the algorithm is that the algorithm contest and what I want to how issues such as entry, unveiled algorithm, so that more students understand Baidu Star, understand the algorithm, in order to better participate in. of course, this is also Baidu technology to guide large coffee for the first time to explain the algorithm Baidu pass online courses, online education to explore Baidu has great significance.

Baidu Star Line was first held under Hackathon Fun unique programming experience

For Baidu Star, its essence it is a race against the algorithm, from the original 'The beauty of the program' to this year's 'Code Our Future', which lasted for 11 years is the same kind of dedication of the algorithm. The under elite squad & Baidu Star line Hackathon, the technical aspect of Baidu Baidu pass through the first large coffee Course in online training algorithm, the Baidu Star and online education combined, opening up a new pattern Astar, so that more beneficiaries, on the other hand, West Jiaotong University jointly held the line Hackathon, the knowledge, the ability to problem-driven, goal-oriented under an organic integrated together, so that school-enterprise cooperation more practical. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 百度之星首次舉辦線下Hackathon玩轉編程別致體驗

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