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I heard such a sentence: It seems that now want to fire up any industry must first become a 'pig' and then had to stand on when it comes to air outlet, and maybe we currently cognitive sense VR is relatively stronger, and when. now other startups and developers brains 'ripening' VR suddenly hot up until this last year when the industry, everyone seems to think that VR (virtual reality has penguin flying in air, but when the future development of thought, AR (Augmented reality) to have the greatest chance.

As we all know, with the development of technology, the way people communicate information are evolving from the traditional paper and ink, brush, the phone has to PC, mobile phones. So the future is there a perfect interactive technology can bring better input and output experience? the answer is undoubtedly yes, and that is the AR (Augmented reality

About the difference between AR and VR, and there have been numerous articles over science, and here no longer tell. The most obvious difference between the two lies, AR can be computer-generated image superimposed on the real world, but only VR It lets you immerse yourself in the virtual world can not see the external scene.

AR technology on so tall, you might feel as if our world with nothing in common, and in fact we have seen in many American movies this kind of interactive experience of the technology.

I believe ago << Iron Man >> or << >> Captain America who will appear on the inside of the high-tech marveled, especially one that Stark equipped to not just cool, but in fact this is what we call AR (Augmented reality technology.

? AR sudden emergence of the domestic application of the air - just go

Another example is Microsoft Hololens holographic glasses, he is Microsoft launched an augmented reality head-mounted device can be completely independently, without cable, without having to sync your computer or smartphone. Users can HoloLens actual surroundings as a carrier, Add a variety of virtual image information, whether it is in the living room playing Minecraft game, view the surface of Mars, or even to enter the virtual well-known attractions, are available through HoloLens possible. but this spectacle let us mortals price is a little catch up, the domestic price 19000, you can only experience at the legendary AR in imagination.

? AR sudden emergence of the domestic application of the air - just go

Another example is a burst of fire before foreign virtual try try directly through AR technology can make you stay at home to enjoy the new watches, new clothes, new shoes worn on the body feeling.

? AR sudden emergence of the domestic application of the air - just go

When standing in Europe has gradually tip AR technology research and development, he said so foreign AR product, we are more concerned about the development of their domestic AR technology, and in the country, there are also such a stand on the AR application of air sprung up everywhere.

First, we can imagine such a scene, when you go to a strange city when traveling in confined planar map, 'Luchi' small partner still distinguish East and West, but want to quickly understand the surrounding life facilities. it can be how to do? so the domestic application of such a 'random walk APP' arises in this context to the AR technology as the core, as long as the phone up, facing the direction to go, local food, movies, attractions, public transportation, hotel, KTV and other living facilities will be perfect for you to show up real, can be directly generated 3D photo navigation route, this is a great interactive experience. in addition, when you meet up with friends, just go APP also allows you quick access to your friends' locations, as long as the scan friend go from casual sharing postcards can be a real friend and your distance and the route guidance arrows appears, take you to the friends around, which is very innovative and practical, and saving time and effort. and in fact, there have been similar to the earlier application, but all because of user experience and data accuracy is poor, so can only stay on the early adopters, but just go app or accuracy regardless of the user experience have reached the practical operation stage, after all, using a mobile phone camera on top of the native build 3D models on a technical level is quite difficult, I believe you can go to experience local life in an AR technology to bring you new experience.

? AR sudden emergence of the domestic application of the air - just go? AR sudden emergence of the domestic application of the air - just go? AR sudden emergence of the domestic application of the air - just go

AR technology from a number of practical applications listed above point of view, AR product has been slowly integrated into our real world, and its high freshness and practicality, and more people are understanding, we can imagine AR technology is the future in industry, in the car, home, health, travel, movies, etc., all will have broad prospects, after all, compared with the virtual world of VR, we are more in love watching the world while feeling technology charm, with your phone with even run independently, it is simply not cool and we hope to have more domestic enterprises can stand in the air to bring us more surprises to people's lives more real change. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: AR的風口?異軍突起的國內應用-隨便走

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