shock! Someone mentioned that oil drums into the elevator? Oh! After the police thoroughly investigate the truth

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Dongying Reuters May 22, Binhai Public Security Bureau received a report that the base, a man carrying a barrel into the building elevator, the man suspected of attempted illegal. Police immediately rented the building room a thorough investigation, the original man is a flying model aircraft enthusiasts, ready for flight test after refueling. at this point, a 'false alarm to a thorough investigation of the truth in the police.

22 afternoon, the public alarm, said Mr. Zhang, a man carrying oil drums to enter a building elevator, the smell is very greasy, the man suspected of illegal intent. Received a public warning, Comtech police station rushed the scene of the informant was asked in detail about the original Mr. Zhang from the building down, just a man with a bucket of liquid hand on the elevator, and the smell of diesel fuel has a great taste. for security reasons, he called the police alert after Mr. Zhang's description, the police probably mastered the drums to mention man-featured and ready to fire immediately notify building facilities to prepare and set aside.

After that, the police came to the control room, through the retrieval of surveillance video and found that 10 men from the elevator downstairs, the police then walked to the 10th floor, the entire floor of renting a thorough inspection, checking to 1022 room, police found a 'barrel man' informant described in detail by the inquiry that the original surname Wang is a flying model aircraft enthusiasts, and friends often exchange model aircraft in the room, and aviation fuel storage model aircraft in the room kerosene barrels.

The police then publicize the provisions relating to the surname Wang bulk fuel management, and education to fully understand its bulk fuel security risk. Surname Wang, the police must comply with the requirements of the container, a deadline day move to meet the fuel specification storage place custody, while the surname Wang also said that their behavior has been recognized for building a serious fire safety hazards, are willing to cooperate with public security organs in a timely manner to eliminate hidden dangers, and will be stored safely and quickly will put fuel to a safe place for safekeeping. (reporter Zhao Erjing correspondent Xu Canadian dollars) Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 驚!有人提油桶進電梯?噢!民警徹查後真相大白

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