Main city of Kunming Beijing Road flooded several roads blocked mad

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Main city of Kunming Beijing Road flooded several roads blocked mad

After a heavy rain, closing at 16:00 on the 23rd, the main city flooded several roads:

There are 30 centimeters under water 1. Huangtupo Burma Road overpass, the impact of vehicular traffic

2. December First Avenue intersection Invalides, 20 centimeters of water, non-motorized impassable

3. People Xi Lupan Bay subway construction section enclosure 20 centimeters of water, affect the passage

4. Beijing Baiyun Road intersection with the northeast port, there are about 35 centimeters of water, affect the passage

5. Beijing Road and Dongfeng Road intersection west exit of water about 15 centimeters

6. Beijing Road and Lin Yu Road intersection, the intersection of East Third Ring Road and Bailong a small amount of water, does not affect the passage

7. Small garden building entrance intersection Meyer sewage overflows, the impact of non-motorized vehicles

8. intersection Biji Haiyuan Road and North Road, Sunan primary entrance road large fishing water about 10 centimeters

By rainfall, vehicular traffic slowed down, the main city some roads appear slow traffic situation, the more prominent are bicyclic fast Dashuying two-way segment, Wenjin Street Youth Road to patrol the line, turn Xichang Road Golden Road, northbound Beijing station to Baiyun period, Bridge to cross the pond for some sub-lane two-way.

Kunming traffic police squadron Ring:

South Second Ring B line, tigers Off - Fuhai Interchange, since Xiabu Qu Fuhai overpass bridge opening, inner-city block, leading to the rear routed off tigers, South Second Ring A line, tigers off direction of the city, due to the have water, but also cars, the company has already contacted the drainage process, the East Second Ring Road, stone gate Interchange - Interchange Juhua, the bidirectional vehicles, Beierhuan a line Xiaotun Interchange - Interchange Ma village, cars, recommends that riders when traveling through the bicyclic system, try to take the lower passage.

: # # I was in Beijing, Kunming Traffic Road and Rio Road, blocking more than one hour, nine signals, etc. With 10 meters, painful ah, Bugs do, do Rao Rao ah.

Main city of Kunming Beijing Road flooded several roads blocked mad

@ Yan Bing sky: rain would Kunming traffic jam, blocking it to crash, traffic jams by 30 minutes in the South Dam Road this place, do not move more than 10 meters (City Times. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 昆明主城多條道路淹水 北京路狂堵

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