Qian Xi Jinbi: Law Huimin service people to worry

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'My grandson is gone, will you look for help.' Recently, the new rich, who lives in the town of Golden Village, Qianxi County, seven groups of 14-year-old Li grandmother grandson learned not to school message, request the village 'Waste Management Law services engineering team 'to help retrieve grandchildren.

Around at 13:00 on April 18, the new rich Golden Town primary school principals to reflect the village, attending school sixth-graders to school little firewood not the case, a request for help to contact their village guardian, send it to the school as soon as possible.

After receiving the news, the village of 'rule of law Huimin service engineering team' act quickly rushed to inform small small Chai Chai Lee grandmother guardian, comforting their emotions at the same time commitment will make unremitting efforts to the small wood home.

Village 'Law Huimin service engineering team' asked in detail about all the circumstances of the child has run before and after the issue back to the town, 'the rule of law Huimin service engineering team.' After receiving the report, the town of 'rule of law Huimin service engineering team' immediately launched the emergency plans, starting quickly find the child's whereabouts.

In view of the missing child is not long, the possibility of not travel alone. Two 'Law Huimin service engineering team' to launch the village cadres, teachers, relatives and children, a team in the village surrounding hillside caves, ponds, ditches, etc. to searching out.

Through our unremitting efforts, around 21:00 the evening of April 19, finally found a certain Internet cafe in the town of Childress door, 'rule of law Huimin service engineering group' members returned forthwith small wood Grandma Lee.

'Without your help, I just do not know what to do, the village has a 'legal services that benefit the engineering team' good, let us have a good after failing to find a place.' Grandson looked safe home, Lee Grandma said happily.

Before leaving, the Working Group members asked Grandma Li custody boy, with the schools to educate their children, and keep the phone clear, easy to grasp trends in child and tells her life difficult for the active case of 'Rule of Law Huimin Service Engineering group' links.

In addition, the working group members also taught the little wood to listen to the grandparents, do not let old fears, get to school, study hard. Childress also recognized his mistake, nodded.

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Traditional Chinese: 黔西金碧:法治惠民服務解民憂

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