Jiangxi Anyuan County: a good "five members" help in tackling poverty

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Since 2015, Anyuan County Student Village to give full play to take root line, close to the advantage of the masses, prompting Student Village in tackling poverty in a good 'five members' for the county to speed up the pace of poverty into a strong force.

First, a good accurate poverty 'analysts.' Give full play to the Student Village grassroots familiar, about the benefits of the masses, by the masses, investigation, fully understand the production and living conditions of poor households, analysis of cause of poverty and poor households carding classified into four categories, to provide first-hand information to carry out precise poverty. At the same time according to the classification proposed different measures for different precision helping poor households, poor households are unable to work for, and by guaranteeing that social protect their basic livelihood assistance, the rest of the poor households by planting and breeding industry support, skills training and promotion, discount loans, join cooperatives and other measures to do everything possible to drive farmers out of poverty on schedule.

Second, a good accurate poverty 'propagandists.' Student Village has developed precision poverty alleviation system, regularly went to the fields and poor households home, all-round, deep publicize the central and provincial, city and county precise spirit of the meeting and related poverty reduction pro-poor policies and precise measures with understand, remember language guide poor households change ideas, to enhance the development of consciousness. good experiences and good practices in poverty reduction through precision distance education, Student Village QQ group, Anyuan Party Building micro-channel public number, grassroots party building and other groups internet media coverage. since last year, the county Student Village has visited more than 2,800 poor families to contact people, experiences and practices to promote more than 30.

Three is a good accurate poverty 'information workers.' Student Village periodic visits to carry out research, understand the poor households ideological trends, development status and difficult problems in a timely manner to reflect the relevant information to the party, for the party organization provides an important decision to deploy reference Meanwhile, the Student Village parent business unit and by strengthening communication links in time for poor households and offers a variety of production and management information to get rich, the provincial, city and county anti-poverty policies in a timely manner to convey to poor households, poor households as a good initiative information transfer member. floating raft Dukang Township Student village, tobacco planting initiative to take the lead, and in the process of planting, planting tobacco advanced technology transfer to the village to other growers, to join hands with the villagers to get rich.

Four is a good accurate poverty 'Waiter.' Student Village poor households according to cause of poverty, targeted for assistance, households actively seek to sickness illness relief fund for poor students to apply for financial aid, due to disaster caused by poor households to guide the forces to make a donation, for the able-bodied poor households from the supplier, the site providing jobs. He Zi Wai new town Student Village Gong Guipeng use electronic business platform to help farmers sell unsalable Orange 5000 kg, and to ensure that sales at the same time, the average price is 2.5 yuan / kg, to help farmers increase their incomes of poor households. Tianxin Village Village town of Shenzhen Ye Pengfei help poor households to apply for Medicaid capital of 130 million yuan to help 23 poor households to apply for subsistence allowances, to protect their normal production and life.

Five is a good accurate poverty 'member feedback.' Perfect the effectiveness of poverty alleviation precise feedback mechanism feedback as the Student Village 'first responsibility' promptly income of poor households, helping the situation, implementation of the policy and other information registered, so that households have cards, book village, the implementation of dynamic monitoring report, timely adjustment assistance measures, while economic and social development of poor villages, industrial development, infrastructure construction, public services and social security subject to regular monitoring reports accurately reflect the overall poor performance, and play the Student Village 'line Intelligencer' role, in order to increase the effectiveness of poverty alleviation precision provide the basis and guarantee.

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Traditional Chinese: 江西安遠縣:當好“五大員”助力脫貧攻堅

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