Elegant birds: raw material price fluctuations have a certain degree of influence on the performance of

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Panorama Network May 23 hearing 'interactive experience communication to create value integrity, Fujian Listed Companies 2016 annual investor online collective reception day' was held Monday afternoon at Panorama Network. Director and Vice President Lin Sien elegant birds, said fluctuations in raw material prices on the company to a certain extent affect the performance of the company in order at the dealers after product orders, according to auto companies like shoes costing orders, and provide relevant shoe supplier in centralized procurement requirements, taking into account the supplier Price, delivery and service quality and other factors to determine the final purchase contract in advance to lock in raw material costs, the company will sample garment that is when orders were forecast, with garment factories Association for order distribution simulation, preliminary to send a single to ensure that their reserve enough capacity for the company, locked in advance the cost of production. (Panorama network)

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Traditional Chinese: 貴人鳥:原料價格波動對業績有一定程度影響

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