Taicang strengthen the consolidation of dust and explosives hidden rectification rectification results

Updated: May 23, 2016  Views: 199

Recently, Taicang City Administration, District safety supervision departments have jointly visited the new Fiber Products (Suzhou Co., Ltd., Asahi Taicang Levin Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., Taicang Haihua Furniture Co., Ltd., New dust explosion in five enterprises to develop special rectification, further urge dust explosion in enterprises to strengthen hidden rectification, site control, 'fighting rule violation' and basic management, effectively raising the intrinsic safety degree, and resolutely prevent the occurrence of dust explosions. visit, the inspection team to remind the relevant enterprises to establish a dust cleaning system, a clear class to the work area, the dust collector to clean up on a regular basis beams, the roof and other parts to clean, use does not produce sparks, static electricity, dust, etc. cleaning, prohibited the use of compressed air purge, reduce the stacking site combustibles, strengthen fire-fighting facilities maintenance, hard to rectify investigation and the risks, to further consolidate the results of rectification dust explosives.

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Traditional Chinese: 太倉強化隱患整改 鞏固粉塵涉爆整治成果

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