Xinyi detention floods besieged safe transfer of 299 detainees

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Xinyi security detention center transferred 299 detainees

By heavy rains over the detention center depth of 1.6 meters, the police swim receiving life-saving equipment

Golden Goat good full-wave news reporter, correspondent Zeng Yu, Keke photo coverage: in the storms, more flooding siege Xinyi, Xinyi City detention center spared low-lying, water depth over 1.6 meters at this time. , 299 security detainees transferred to become an urgent task. yesterday, the reporter visited the detention center, the letter should understand the process of the transfer of detainees big thrilling.

Yesterday, armed police detachment Maoming Xinyi Miao Zhiwei squadron commander described the scene at the time, said, on the 20th morning, 11:40, sewer within the detention center began to flow backward, the police, together with the auxiliary police storm into the water with sandbags blocked more fierce the site, built up of 1-meter-high flood wall .12 10 points, water has flooded knee watching the chamber is about to 'fall' at the scene of the Xinyi Public Security Bureau deputy director Liang Shuang, the detention center long Lu Fangnan, patrol captain and his co-Liang Lin discuss the detainees immediately transferred to the regional office.

Miao Zhiwei said that with the rise of the water level on the detainees began to appear restless. Police side to stabilize their emotions, while transferred in the last dozen detainees out when the water has diffuse to the chest, we finally out of the armed police swim out, all of the chamber into the water, generally deeper than 1.6 meters deep in places reaches two meters. through the efforts of all the safe transfer of detainees to the detention center on the second floor, third floor of the police offices and meeting rooms.

At the same time, deputy mayor of Maoming City Public Security Bureau rushed Xinyi Chen Ke led, coordinated and timely deployment of Maoming PUC authority, Mao Nan, Gaozhou, of the state, as well as electric white armed police, fire rushed build-up, rush to the rescue Xinyi , rendezvous Xinyi Public Security Bureau, more than 900 police officers, together with the transfer of detainees to the detention center about .1, the rush to the rescue of police arrived one after another, but because of the fast-flowing, assault boats to transport materials into the detention center several times to have failed, study the reason is entangled in debris in the water propeller cause rollover. to about 5:00 dinner time, the water level has dropped, the guards adventure swim out delivering water, bread, lighting equipment.

At this time, detainees are more restless mood, began some of the frail sick, and even the circumstances of individual detainees clamor, and then transferred imperative. 20:00, the water level began to retreat to the knee, Maoming Municipal Party Committee Secretary Xu the principal leaders of light, Mayor Li Hongjun, etc. into the detention center, on-site command, the transfer started around 9:00. 1:00, 297 detainees escorted on all transport vehicles, driving traffic police lead the way to guide more than 10 vehicles full of detainees van and more than 10 vehicles to defend the vehicle and highway safety by Xinyi District, transferred to Maoming, Gaozhou, City detention Center.

In the escort process, two police guards a detainee, orderly, no unexpected health at 3:00 on the 21st and more, the last inmates were transferred to a security Maoming Municipal Public Security Bureau Detention Center.

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Traditional Chinese: 信宜看守所遭洪水圍攻 安全轉移299名在押人員

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