Jinan District, actively carry out "Healthy Mother 1 + 1" a large public fund-raising activities

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Provincial Women's Federation, the Provincial Sports Bureau, the provincial Red Cross, the Fuzhou Municipal People's Government jointly hosted the 'health and beauty counterparts - Healthy Mother 1 + 1' a large public fund-raising activities at the beginning of the ongoing activities, Jinan District Women's Federation and the organs area. women Work initiative on the issue immediately, call us for the sick poor mothers love and dedication, and the organization of women's civilization Kong levels, family members of women's participation in public service excellent running campaign to call attention to women's health community to give more poor mothers and families care and love.

Activities of the region's grass-roots women's organizations and caring people respond positively. Office building in the district, the district People's Congress, CPPCC leaders personally take the lead in donations, has played a leading role in the beautiful countryside Shoushan before Yeung, Pai Village, Village Lingtou nine village farmer, village women you $ 5, I was 10 yuan, 20 yuan ... he offer love 9807.08 yuan, with charity for the 'beautiful countryside' luster Shou Shan Women's Congress before the main Renchen Jing Yeung said: thank women's organizations give us the opportunity to show love, the past days, we women sisters also love women's organizations, helping others to their own happiness in nine communities and municipal women's civilization Kong Wangzhuang streets wuliting communities, workers and other active community pool puzzle participate in activities, the District Bureau of Wei, District Trade and Industry Bureau, the District Education Bureau and Gushan town, Xindian, Yuefeng town, tea streets, Wangzhuang streets, like Park Street, Shou Shan township Street 47 cadres and workers to respond positively, take part.

At the event, we have seen donations village communities, rural women workers saw the generosity and see the positive action cadres, teachers and medical staff, but also saw the first shot fired in Fuzhou donate liberation of rural villagers enthusiastically. everyone (units) contributions although unequal, but regardless of how many donations, charity alphabetical order, have taken in your love, we all take practical action to express the deep concern of poor mothers ...... up to now, the cumulative total contributions 73557.08 yuan, breast cancer, cervical cancer (referred to as 'two cancer') severe poor mothers to send a warm, propped up a promising sky.

The event will promote volunteerism and philanthropy, to carry forward the traditional virtues of respect Laoxiao pro combine to promote family happiness and social civilization.

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Traditional Chinese: 晉安區積極開展“母親健康1+1”大型公益募捐活動

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