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Financial website today evening news bulletin positive Behind the Scenes: Ken Chase intends to push up to 300 million ESOP shares to be JI Kai restructuring China Shipbuilding Industry Group's assets, * ST River of fixed assets increase and later approved by the Commission by, Orbita 620 million proposed acquisition of 100% stake in intelligent buildings painted 24th resumption super technology has been chairman Liang Jianfeng normal performance of their duties ...

Ken Chase (600 067 Quotes, BUY) intends to push up to 300 million ESOP

After raising the ratio of 2: Ken Chase on May 23 evening release of the second draft of the ESOP, the total number of employees involved in the program does not exceed 300, when establishing the total amount not more than 100 million yuan, and in accordance with no more than 1 in total no more than 300 million yuan for the purchase of shares held by and information management programs.

According to the proposed commission after the announcement, the company's employee stock ownership plan set up CITIC surplus asset Management Limited, and fully subscribed ordinary share level established by CITIC Asset Management Co., Ltd. surplus when the surplus when the second phase. When two surplus subscription amount of up to 3 billion, not to exceed 2: establishment of priorities and the general level subscription amount 1, ESOP to raise funds two full ordinary class share is not more than 100 million yuan to subscribe when surplus.

Limit the size of funds in company stock on May 20 closing price of 6.41 yuan / share, and $ 300 million surplus when the two estimates, the surplus when the two companies can buy and hold the number of shares of about 4680.19 million shares, accounting for 3.15% of the total existing share capital of the company. in addition, the company ESOP duration is 36 months, the shares held by lock-up period of 12 months.

JI Kai shares (002,691 market, BUY) proposed restructuring China Shipbuilding (600150 Quotes, BUY) Heavy Industry Group's assets

JI Kai shares May 23 evening announcement, given the company the major asset reorganization of the relevant preparatory work has not been completed, the company can not disclose major asset restructuring plan (or a report in accordance with the original plan in 2016 before May 23 and resume trading order safeguard the interests of investors, especially medium and small investors, the company apply to the Shenzhen stock exchange, the company stock since May 24, 2016 to August 22, 2016 to continue the suspension.

The statement said the deal is subject companies of this major asset reorganization of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation member units of assets (equity as of this announcement, the company and related parties are actively promoting the work of this major asset restructuring involves, China CSIC is working with relevant government departments to communicate the restructuring plan specific matters related to the preparations for this major asset restructuring company matters not yet been completed, the restructuring plan and related content still needs further discussion, demonstration and perfect, does not exclude the presence of the restructuring scheme the possibility of adjustment. the company is expected no later disclosed on August 22, 2016 of this major asset restructuring plan (or report and apply for resumption.

* ST river of (002 061 Quotes, BUY) set by the purchase of assets approved by the Commission and by

Financial website news * ST River of May 23 evening announcement said the company received the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued << on the approval of Zhejiang Jiangshan Chemical Co., Ltd. to Zhejiang Railway Investment Group Co., Ltd. issued on May 23, 2016 shares to buy assets and raise matching funds approved >>.

Approved Company Limited issued 102,256,903 shares to buy assets to Zhejiang Railway Investment Group, and the non-public offering of not more than 120,302,238 new shares to raise this issue of shares to buy assets of matching funds.

According to the transaction program, the company intends to pay cash and the issuance of shares to buy Zhejiang Railway Group holds 100% stake in Zhejiang Railway winds which issue shares priced at 8.04 yuan, not less than 20 trading days before the pricing benchmark stock trading price of 90 % restructuring transactions agreed between the parties determined to 96,723.00 million.

Meanwhile, to improve the performance of this restructuring, enhance sustainable earnings capability after the completion of reorganization of listed companies, Jiangshan Chemical plans to less than ten specific investors private placement of shares to raise funds not exceeding 96,723.00 million, raising total funds of not more than supporting the proposed acquisition 100% of the trading price of the asset. raise matching funds for the payment of the cash consideration of the transaction, the transaction intermediary fees and taxes, the target company projects and supplement working capital. among them, the supplementary liquidity ratio does not exceed 50 matching total funds raised %.

According to the announcement, this transaction underlying asset Zhejiang Railway Gale's main business is engineering plastics polycarbonate research and development, production and sales. Polycarbonate polymer material belongs, is the only five major engineering plastics products having good transparency, which optical properties, mechanical properties, electrical insulation properties are better than similar products, widely used in building materials, electrical and electronics, automotive materials and optical materials and other industries, in recent years, demand is one of the fastest growing engineering plastics, 2005-2013 polycarbonate domestic apparent consumption CAGR of 12.69%, expected future domestic polycarbonate market demand will maintain a rapid growth rate.

Wanan Technology (002,590 market, BUY) intends to purchase 60 million Beijing Chaoyang District, an office

Financial website information science and technology Wanan May 23 announcement that evening, May 23, 2016, the Company held the third Board Eighteenth meeting examined and adopted the << motion on the purchase of office space for the construction of R & D Center> >.

In order to further promote the company's Intelligent Network of automotive technology and research and development of automotive electronic control products, the completion of driver assistance systems (ADAS, part autopilot and completely unmanned technology development and industrialization, the company purchased an office building in Beijing, as the intelligent network United automotive technology and automotive electronic control products R & D center. the office is located in Chaoyang District, Beijing Wangjing East Park seven districts 17, Building 9 layer 902, a total area of 1138.67 square meters, the total amount of 60,105,081.2 yuan.

The company said the office this purchase will serve as the company's Intelligent Network of automotive technology and automotive electronics R & D center will rely on Beijing abundant human and technical resources, driving skills and V2X from intelligent context-aware, intelligent decision-making, electronic control execution car network-level technology and other resources associated with the integration of independent research and development stages to complete driver assistance systems (ADAS, part autopilot and completely unmanned technology development and industrialization.

Super-technology (002288 market, BUY) has been chairman Liang Jianfeng normal performance of their duties

Super-technology evening announcement said the company chairman, president Liang Jianfeng was May 23 return to the company's normal performance of their duties.

Notice disclosure, Liang Jianfeng to give investors troubled Recently're sorry, the majority of investors to extend my most sincere apologies.

Orbita (300 053 Quotes, BUY) intends to 620 million acquisition of 100% stake in intelligent buildings painted 24th resumption

Orbita evening announcement said the company intends to counterparties to 33.64 yuan / share issue 1290 shares and cash, for a total price of 620 million yuan, the acquisition of 100% of the 100% equity stake in intelligent buildings painted and Chi Jian Electronics Company stock May 24 resumption.

At the same time, the company intends to non-public offering of shares to raise matching funds, raising the total amount of matching funds not more than 620 million yuan.

Statistics show that painted buildings where intelligent mapping industry, Chi Jian Electronics where 'big data' are listed on the company's future business focus on developing markets. The transaction of listed companies to achieve a cut mapping industry and 'big data' business acquisition target quality goals, contribute to the implementation of the industrial layout of listed companies, listed companies to enhance the core competitiveness, and promote the sustainable development of listed companies.

Painted woo woo smart intelligent shareholder commitment painted in 2016, 2017 and 2018, respectively, the annual net profit of not less than 35 million yuan, 45 million yuan and 57 million yuan, Chi Chi Jian Jian Electronics Electronics shareholder commitment in 2016, 2017 and 2018 annual net profit of not less than 750 million yuan, 10.5 million yuan and 13 million yuan after the completion of the transaction, the company net profit is expected to be raised.

Southeast grid (002,135 market, BUY) and the Soviet Union proposed the construction of strategic cooperation

Financial website News Southeast grid May 23 evening announcement said the company (hereinafter referred to as 'Party B' quasi Jiangsu Province Su Construction Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'the Soviet Union in building' or 'Party' signed << Strategy cooperation agreement >>. construction company and the Soviet Union in accordance with the national industrial policy, the use of their respective advantages, and actively promote the development of industrial steel buildings.

Under the agreement, both parties share the brand, qualifications, resources, technology and other achievements in domestic and foreign markets can be carried out on behalf of the other market operators, the formation of strategic alliances compact, the two sides by virtue of their platform advantages, co-operative marketing and propaganda, and actively promote steel construction and industrial development and other projects to undertake.

The company said that this strategic cooperation, the two sides will play their respective advantages, a close strategic alliance, actively promote the industrialization prefabricated steel buildings, in line with the company's development needs and overall business plan, the signing of this agreement will contribute to the company's business expand and improve the company's ability to undertake business, enhance the company's core competitiveness and industry influence.

Hubei Radio and Television (Quote 000665, BUY) and V R E brigade invested in tourism and other aspects of cooperation

Financial website News Hubei broadcasting May 23 evening announcement that the company and Hubei ecological and cultural tourism circle of western Hubei Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'E brigade vote' on May 23, 2016 signed a cooperation agreement.

According to reports, Hubei Province, western Hubei ecological and cultural tourism circle Investment Co., Ltd. is the provincial government for the implementation of the 'twice belt' strategy to promote the development of western Hubei circle tourism established large state-controlled investment group, in May 2009 formally . E trip voted by the provincial government, Yichang, Xiangyang, Shiyan, Jingzhou, Jingmen, Enshi, Suizhou, Shennongjia and other eight cities (state, government and forest three Gorges Corporation, China construction Third Bureau, Hubei Cleanergy Real estate Group and other large enterprises a joint venture with a registered capital of 1.94 billion yuan by the provincial government holding. E brigade currently has wholly-owned investment subsidiary of 14, 18 holding subsidiaries, 11 holding subsidiaries and cultural tourism, financial services, business logistics and new towns four major industry sectors.

Under the agreement, Hubei broadcasting and E trip voted parties in accordance with the trust, complementarity, mutual benefit principle, on the next VR online and offline travel, tourism platform communication, tourism visual design and product innovation, regards capital investment and cooperation to carry out comprehensive, strategic, depth and pragmatic cooperation on matters related to equal and friendly consultation.

The company said that the signing of this agreement, in line with the layout of the company's strategic development, will help expand the business and open up new revenue channels, enhance the company's strength and competitiveness, is conducive to long-term development of the company.

Mongolian grass Drought (300,355 market, BUY) Xingwen Rui, deputy general manager holdings of 1.3 million shares

Financial news website grass Mongolia Drought May 23 evening announcement said the company received on May 23, deputy general manager, chief financial officer, Mr. Xingwen Rui notice, Mr. Xingwen Rui on May 23, 2016 by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Securities trading system holdings of shares 13,200 shares, average price of 13.58 yuan / share, the company has approximately 0.0028% of the total number of issued shares. before the holdings, Xingwen Rui does not hold shares of the company, after the present holdings, Xingwen Rui direct support 13,200 shares of company shares, representing 0.0028% of total equity.

HND (002 356 Quotes, BUY) will change the structure of the main business was renamed 'Hermes Group'

Haoningda night announced that, due to the company's main business structure has changed, in order to fully reflect the company's development strategy, a unified external image, the name of the company to play a greater role in the branding, marketing and other aspects, the company decided to change the company's securities short.

Application by the company, and the examination and approval by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange since May 24, the company securities referred to by the 'HND' changed to 'Hermes Group', company stock code unchanged at '002,356.'

* ST Roe Island (Quote 002069, BUY), the controlling shareholder of the transfer of shares planned introduction of strategic investors

* ST deer island announcement, the controlling shareholder investment and development center Changhai Zhangzidao working with Shanghai and Xiang Investment Management Ltd. Plan by way of transfer of its shares held by 5% -15% of the introduction of strategic investors and related matters.

Due to the above issues, there are still significant uncertainties, the company's application, the company stock from May 24 to continue the suspension. After determining the above matters, the Company will promptly disclose the relevant announcement and apply for shares resume trading under the relevant provisions.

Linzhou heavy machine (002 535 Quotes, BUY) intends to cooperate with the government to develop satellite applications

Linzhou heavy machine night announced that the May 23, the company and the Forest City People's Government signed a cooperation framework agreement >> <<, the two sides reached agreement on related matters in satellite applications.

The company and its subsidiaries in Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Colin weight (B proposed satellite application projects, the first phase of the project plan customized carrying three satellites compatible, use of remote sensing technology, data communication technology, has formed a preliminary to remote sensing, space-based ADS-B as well as the ability of the digital world communications network satellite constellation system.

Forest City People's Government (Party for further strengthening the overall construction of the city, improve social management capabilities, to be commissioned B satellite remote sensing services support on matters within the jurisdiction of environmental monitoring, urban planning and land use.

The company said the signing of the agreement, in favor of the client base and marketing company of satellite application projects, in favor of the project application demonstration, promotion, is conducive to promoting the process of the project and business development.

Halo new (300,383 market, BUY) set by the matter has been completed subscription quotation from the 24th resumption

Halo new financial website News May 23 evening announcement said the company due to non-public offering of stock issues, approved by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, on May 17, 2016 opening from the suspension.

At present, non-public offering has completed the purchase offer and verification of investors. Company and Southwest Securities (600369 Quotes, Buy) and other relevant agencies to accelerate the implementation of the non-public offering follow-up work, the next step will be completed Investors contributions, with the release of the object share subscription signed a formal contract >> << accountant will complete the verification and issue a verification report >> <<.

The company's shares will be May 24, 2016 (opening date to resume trading on Tuesday.

The Gold (600489 Quotes, BUY) rights issue subscription ratio reached 95.87% 24 resumption

Gold gold May 23 evening release rights issue showed the company the number of valid subscription allotment of 50,790.84 million shares, accounting for the total number of shares can be equipped 52978.12 million shares of 95.87%, exceeding the number of 'original shareholders of shares does not reach seventy percent of the number of proposed placement 'as identified with the lower release rate of failure, so the success of the offering company shares will resume trading on May 24.

Gold in the allotment of all by way of online pricing issued by the Shanghai Stock Exchange trading system, rights issue price of 6.22 yuan / share allotment ratio of 10 shares for every 1.8 shares. As of the end of the subscription payment date (in 2016 May 20, valid subscription number of 50790.84 million shares, amounting to 3.159 billion yuan valid subscription, where the controlling shareholder China National gold Group Corporation to fulfill its commitment fully subscribed, the total full subscription of 26,499.13 million shares, accounting for this Placing second to 50.02% of total shares.

Foton Motor (600166 Quotes, BUY) won 100 hydrogen fuel cell electric bus line

Foton Motor May 23 evening announcement said the company recently received a car (Beijing New Energy Automobile Leasing Co., Purchase Order 100 Europe Hui hydrogen fuel cell electric bus company said the orders for products using the most advanced hydrogen fuel cell technology, and is currently the world's largest electric bus order quantities of hydrogen fuel cells, was also the first to achieve national 863 key projects closed loop (to achieve mass commercial production orders.

According to reports, the product line is 8.5m fuel cell electric buses, specification model BJ6852, total orders for the 100, is expected to be delivered before the end of the year 60, before the end of next year to deliver 40.

Foton said the orders obtained, indicating that the company has taken the lead within the first truly become a worldwide hydrogen fuel cell electric bus industry, the bulk of the developer and operator of commercial enterprises, while orders for the smooth fulfillment will also help promote process domestic market hydrogen fuel electric vehicles, will help the company's new energy products in domestic and overseas markets further promotion.

Hubei Golden Ring (000,615 market, BUY) intends to acquire a 51% interest in 51 million home Hanjiyida

Financial website News Hubei Golden Ring May 23 announcement that evening, May 21, 2016, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company Limited Beijing Han Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Beijing Han home' and Chongqing Phoenix Cultural Education Investment company (hereinafter referred to as 'Phoenix culture' signed << equity transfer agreement >>, << equity transfer agreement supplemental agreement >> and other relevant documents. according to the agreement, Beijing-Hankou home to 51 million yuan acquisition of the Phoenix intends to hold cultural Chongqing City Hanjiyida Properties Limited (hereinafter referred to as a 51% stake 'Hanjiyida home' or 'target company.' after the completion of this transaction, the target company will become a subsidiary of Beijing-Hankou Property Holdings, which will be included in the financial statements of the company within the scope of the consolidated financial statements.

According to the announcement, the target company operates in real estate development, housing sales, building decoration materials (excluding of dangerous product sales, property management. The transaction was subject having engaged in securities and futures business qualification Hubei Zhonglian Assets Appraisal Co., Ltd. issued a public Lian Ping Bao Zi [2016] No. 1058 >> << assessment report, this assessment overall assessment for the entire home Hanjiyida shareholders' equity, the entire interest in asset-based approach, shareholders (based on net assets of 29 February 2016 day audited book value of 9,995.92 million, the assessed value of assessed 10,599.87 yuan, 6.0395 million yuan revaluation, value-added rate of 6.04%.

Through this equity acquisition, Hanjiyida home became a wholly owned subsidiary of Beijing-Hankou home holding company, the company will obtain a count area about 48 million square meters of container land bank may further expand the company's real estate development business, enhance the company's real estate continued viability of the business. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

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