Chinese stocks regression is not pessimistic!

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Beginning last year, takes shares in the privatization of delisting and return to Chinese mainland A share market has become a trend, and earlier this month, China Securities Regulatory Commission to tighten shall share the news will undoubtedly return to these stocks poured pot of cold water. affected by this news, related concept stocks have plummeted, century Internet, unfamiliar street, togetherness era (stocks YY), Dangdang (stocks DANG) network, Qihoo 360 (US stocks QIHU), have already started privatization the stock is privatized before the price fell.

In the last year, when the attitude of Chinese regulators is not the case. In the last year, regulators shall share in return for a time and even encourage a positive attitude, and this has to a certain extent, boosted Almost from the beginning of 2015, shares in the company regression enthusiasm. with the Chinese stock market crash, the wind began to change, the Chinese regulators began to worry about the return to the market takes stock of the impact and the consequent outflow of foreign exchange reserves.

Prior to the direct IPO threshold is high, wait for a long time, takes stock after the privatization of the majority chose backdoor listing, this approach has a convenient, fast advantage, and after the Chinese stock market highs, the cost is greatly reduced. However, also sparked investors arbitrage takes stock of the question, and the formation of a market impact. in such a fragile market, regression takes stock has become not shirk.

We can say that Chinese regulators pause backdoor listing shares shall primarily in order to avoid the formation of China A-share impact is too large, rather than questioning the existence of valuations and prospects takes stock let us use the data to prove it: Wind information, according to statistics, the average price-earnings ratio 215 takes stock of data is 13 times, and the current Chinese a-share small plates and GEM price-earnings ratio of 45 times and 67 times the average price-earnings ratio of Shanghai and Shenzhen motherboard market 14 times and 23 times.

That is, from the current valuation levels, concept stocks were not overvalued, but in almost blocked after stocks tumbled return but is to create a good opportunity to intervene. And with respect to the structure of China's stock market, the most takes stock of the Internet, the electricity supplier as well as education, video and other emerging industries, such companies will return to bring fresh blood to the Chinese market, to provide better growth and investment opportunities in China after the stock market rebound, return the door will remain open concept stocks. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 中國概念股回歸其實並不悲觀!

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