Yangzhou disabled Opening Day appeal to the whole society to care for the care of orphans and disabled children

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May 13 morning, Yangzhou City CDPF, Welfare Fund in Yangzhou City Plaza to celebrate the recreational community 'care of orphans and disabled children, let love Saman' square charitable activities and the 'good set Fucan' donation to distribution ceremony, this marks Yangzhou disabled day activities officially kicked off. Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor Yao Suhua participate in activities and speech.

Yangzhou disabled Opening Day appeal to the whole society to care for the care of orphans and disabled children

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May 15 this year is the twenty-sixth National Disabled Day. This year's theme Disabled Day event is 'orphaned children love, let love speckled earth.' Orphaned children because of physical, psychological, social adjustment and other aspects of defects become children in need of special care and special care for vulnerable groups. according to the second national sample survey of persons with disabilities show, Yangzhou disabled children aged 0-14 is about 600 people, with age, they are in school and integration into the social life and other aspects will also face greater difficulties. Therefore, the whole society of common concern and care to orphaned children.

It is reported that the municipal government attaches great importance to the rehabilitation of disabled children, continue to strengthen the education of orphans and disabled children rehabilitation, support rehabilitation of children with various types of educational institutions, construction, system to carry out the basic rehabilitation of children with disabilities, 'five-second' period for a total of 5800 all types of children with disabilities than provided rehabilitation services for children with disabilities over the city's compulsory school attendance rate of 96%, a group of teenagers with disabilities took jobs, so self-reliant, not only the value of your life, but also won the whole society recognition and respect.

Yao Suhua hope the whole city in his speech, to further improve publicity, security and equal rights of orphans and disabled children, orphans and disabled children aged 0-6 focus on doing rehabilitation training, through early intervention, to promote disabled children to improve physical function, relying existing educational resources for orphans and disabled children in regular class or special education and actively create favorable conditions to speed up the orphans and disabled children care support services institution-building, improve disabled children's daily living and work skills to orphans and disabled children as the focus population, social security disability policy to carry out the implementation of supervision and inspection, to seriously implement the difficulties people with disabilities and severe disabilities living allowance care subsidy system, meet the requirements of disabled children Yingbaojinbao. (Yangzhou Daily Health Zhu Hongmei Zhang hole


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Traditional Chinese: 揚州助殘日活動開幕 呼籲全社會關心呵護孤殘兒童

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